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    Free! 12V to 5V converter to make Victron Lynx distributor LED lights work

    I had to buy 4 of these and only need one. They can be used to make an adaptor that allows you to use the Lynx Distributor LEDs without a fancy BMS or shunt. There's a video online for how to do it: PM me your address and I will put one in an envelope and mail it to you...
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    Fuse holder nut was glowing RED!

    I installed my Lynx distributor today and decided to replace my Blue Sea 250A circuit breaker with a 400A class T fuse. The class T fuse holder is from Blue Sea Systems and the fuse is a LittleFuse 400A class T. Got it all hooked up and tested DC only, Solar and low power AC. All worked...
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    How to test max output of inverter

    I was trying to test my system to see if my 2x12V 206Ah SOK batteries could max out my inverter. I was able to put a constant load of 2000W output (2378W input) on the inverter with my microwave and electric fireplace (on low). I hooked up my heat gun thinking I could adjust it to max out the...
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    Do I really need another battery to feed Victron MPII?

    I got my MultiPlus II 12/3000/120x2 installed today. I am feeding it with 2x206 Ah 12V SOK LiFePO4. According to SOK, these are rated for 100A discharge each. Well, I was pulling 230A for several minutes today. Got scared and turned off the loads. I read on the SOK Facebook page that...
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    Just finished install of MultiPlus II, what a great box

    Finally got my MPII 12/3000/120x2 in and got it installed and working. Why didn't I get this in the first place? Hookup is easy: AC in from my shore power, AC out to main panel. That's it. No sub panels, no transfer switches. Other than 6/3 Romex being a beast to work with and the Victron AC...
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    5' of single 4/0 AWG or 5' of 2 AWG to hook up batteries

    I need to move my 3x206Ah 12V SOK batteries to a different place (under the front bed in my 5er). I'll need to run 5' of something from the batteries to my control center. I can run 5' of single 4/0 (400 amps) or 3x5' of 2 AWG. I like the 2 AWG route because it is so much easier to work with...
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    Need more A but not more Ah: parallel 2x206Ah SOK with single star 100Ah SOK

    I have 2x206Ah SOK batteries and a Victron 12/3000 Multiplus II. I need 300A and I only have 200. I don’t need any more Ah so I am considering adding a SOK 100Ah to get to 300A. Is this ok?
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    Do I need an inverter precharge circuit for a MultiPlus II?

    I am installing a Victron Multi Plus II 12/3000/120x2 to replace the two Xantrex inverters and converter/charger I have now. I put in a precharge circuit for the Xantrex inverters. With the Victron, will that be necessary? None of the Victron schematics show a precharge circuit, but who knows?
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    Dual SCCs to single SCC so I can use Cerbo GX

    Since I am installing a Victron Energy MultiPlus II 12/3000/12x2 and I have a Victron 712 shunt, I think I want to swap out my two Rich Solar SCCs for a single Victron. I have 4 panels on my RV roof, 2 sets of 2S. Each 2S has its own 10ga wire pair running down to my basement where I have 2...
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    Breaker for MultiPlus II: near MPII or near EMS?

    Should I put the 50A 2 pole breaker close to the VR MutliPlus II 12/3000/120x2 or near my EMS? They are 6' apart. Would be easier to put near the EMS, but don't want it in the wrong place.
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    Do I need to run a wire from my battery - terminal to the chassis on my trailer?

    I asked this inside another thread, but now I am ready to test it. I have a 4/0 wire going from battery negative to the chassis. Not sure why I did this. I don't think it is needed. My thoughts to test whether it is needed: unhook that wire and see if everything still works. Everything I...
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    Should I change my inverter precharge circuit?

    I am going to install an MPII and was looking at my inverter precharge circuit. As it is wired now, the precharge applies power to all DC circuits when I push the button. Not sure if that is good or bad. I could add a cutoff switch on the invert + wire and put the precharge output on the...
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    Wiring Lynx Distributor to MultiPlus II

    I am going to install a MultiPlus II 12/3000 2x120 in my system. I would also like to use a Lynx Distributor. I have 4 things to hook up to the distributor: 1. MPII (350A) 2. SCC (50A) 3. SCC (50A) 4. DC power distro (100A) The MPII calls for 2 x 2/0 wire. I don't think I can double up 2/0...
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    I think it's time for a Multiplus

    I have finished my first ever LiFePO4 with solar install on my 5th wheel thanks to all the help on here. Now that it's in, I am thinking about simplifying the setup with a Victron Multiplus II 12/3000/120x2. Some thoughts: - I would keep it super simple and run 50A split phase (is that the...
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    Energy Audit with manual load management

    When I was doing my energy audit, I listed everything that could draw power in my RV. Makes sense. But the audit spits out a huge inverter size (>4kw). More than I think I need. Here's the issue when I list all 3 power hogs in the RV: Microwave: 1325 watts for 15 minutes a day Keurig: 1500W...
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    What does a xx kilowatt system mean?

    I looked in the FAQ and could not find the answer to my basic question. I feel stupid reading all the threads saying xx kw system and not understanding exactly what that means. My system on my RV (5th wheel): 800W solar (2S x 2 each with its own 100/40 MPPT SCC) 4,944 Kwh LiFePO4 batteries...
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    Why climate change is real

    Since my post was deleted in the censored thread (which seems to be the preferred method of discussing climate change), I'll just post this here: Like we make a hill of beans difference in the grand scheme of things. Mother Nature always wins. Did anyone ever consider that maybe we are...
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    Progressive Dynamics 9160Li converter charger is dumb as a box of rocks

    On my first trip with my new DC setup. I had replaced my WFCO 8955 non lithium capable converter charger (CC) with the highly recommended Progressive Dynamics 9160Li. I let the 2x206 Ah SOK batteries discharge to 50% to see what the PD CC would do. So it hits them hard with 60amps to start...
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    What should I do with my solar on the side input?

    I have a Furrion plug on the side of my 5er. It was just a pair of 14ga wires running through a 10A fuse hooked directly to the batteries. I disconnected it (cut and removed the wires and fuse) when I did my solar install. I am never going to use it because I do not have space to lug around...
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    Dual Rich Solar 100/40 MPPTs w/ bluetooth how to monitor both

    My system has 2 Rich Solar 100/40 MPPTs with bluetooth. I can only see one SCC using the Renogy app that Rich Solar recommended. I have the option to add a device, but it only sees the one SCC. Would like to monitor both. I'm sure there is something simple I am doing wrong. So how do I...
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    Can I connect my inverter chassis ground wires to the closest chassis point?

    I have my inverter chassis ground wires running back to the negative bus bar which ends up connected to chassis through the shunt. Is there any reason why I cannot connect my 4 ga chassis grounds for each inverter directly to the chassis where they are mounted? Would tidy things up a bit on my...
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    Advice for cleaning up install

    Everything is hooked up in the electrical bay now. Two questions: 1. The covers for the battery and shunt terminals I bought are ugly and don't really work well. Any idears for what to use? Or do I even need covers? I am thinking about installing a plexiglass door to cover this...
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    Where to attach 2 SCCs?

    I am planning to hook one SCC to the positive terminal of one battery and the other SCC to the positive terminal of the second battery. Mostly because the first battery + terminal is getting full. I want the ability to charge the batteries without the main breaker on, that is why I am going...
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    400W Solar installed on 5th wheel, ready to upgrade

    I finally got the 2x200W Rich solar panels installed on strut channel. All hooked up and working. I have another 2x200W Rich solar panels with 40A MPPT on the way. That will give me 800W and 2xMPPTx100V/40A. I decided to run 2 sets of 10ga wire from the roof, so each SCC will have its own...
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    Roof construction

    I took the inside cover off my maxaire vent in the bathroom to see if I could determine my roof construction. The image is what I found. Looks like 1/2" plywood covered by EPDM. I have ducted a/c so there is quite a bit of space between the upper roof and inside ceiling. It is a crowned...
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    Why is my SOK 206Ah BMS going into protect mode @ power on?

    I installed a SOK 206 Ah LiFePO4 (LFP) a while back and it worked great. I had used cheapo cutoff switches and circuit breakers, so I swapped those out for the good stuff. Specifically, I replaced the generic battery cutoff switch and 100A circuit breaker coming from the battery with a Blue...
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    Solar Install on 5th wheel

    I spent the last 2 weeks cleaning up the DC power system on my 5th wheel. Took out about 50 ft of wire and replaced with a clean install with 10' of total high amperage wire. Next step is to add solar. I decided on the 400W system recommended here from Rich solar. Updating my diagram, the...