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    MPP Solar wifi protocol

    Has anyone figured out how the MPP devices communicate to the WatchPower Software. I assume its making some sort of outbound connection to some server to send data, and receive updates. I want to see if I can use some tool like curl to communicate with it.
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    Forgot Password on my iphone for WatchPower, how do I recover a lost password.

    I had to install WatchPower on a new phone, and I cant remember my password. Does anyone know how you reset your password.
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    Blending Grid and Solar power to my Hot Water Heater

    Im researching solutions and cant figure out how grid power and Solar are blended. I have been looking a MPP solar off grid solutions, but want to be sure how it works. I am hoping that any power from the solar panel will be combined with grid to meet the requirements to drive my hot water...