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    Happy New Year!

    Appropriate fireworks ;) All the best for 2022!
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    Hankzor JK BMS with screen and power button

    I just wanted to mention that the Hankzor store on Aliexpress has the JK BMS with a screen option. It also has a power button on the screen to easily turn the BMS on and off. This means no more messing about with 9V batteries or power supplies to turn on the BMS. It seem that Hankzor is the only...
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    Rant on terminology...

    Ok, I need to get this off my chest. It's been bugging me for some time now, and a recent YT video made it worse. Terminology matters. A lot. In engineering, words have specific meanings and these terms help us communicate ideas and concepts correctly. When people start assigning other meanings...
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    PSA: Ah vs. Wh and why you need to use Wh to compare apples to apples

    Ok, so, it seems there is quite a lot of confusion regarding this. I've spent the past day or two replying to several comments both here, on Reddit, and on YouTube, and Will made it a sticky on his latest video as well. Only compare Ah ratings of a battery between those with the same nominal...
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    MG Chemicals 847 Test

    I'm posting this as a response to a comment from Paul F. Note: mR == milliOhm. Hypotheses I proposed: MG Chemicals 847 can lower the resistance in a connection between bus bar and battery terminal, especially in cases where limited torque can be exerted, or where the two connections are not...
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    Going off-grid in the North

    I've had numerous requests over the past year or two asking for more details regarding my set-up, how I built my place, what the requirements are for off-grid living in a cold climate, building materials, etc. Several people asked me to start a YT channel... I don't really have the time for...
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    I'm working on something - feedback welcome!

    I'm currently working on this: It's an all-in-one "powerbox" that includes everything you need (for this particular target audience) in a single package, all plug and play. Preliminary specs: - 4kWh of LiFePO4 storage - 2 x 320W solar with appropriate charge controller - 2kW inverter The...
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    Victron VenusOS driver for serial battery BMS - LLT/JBD / Daly Smart / ANT / JKBMS / Heltec

    I came across this: This might be interesting to those wanting to integrate one of the BMSs mentioned in the title into the rest of their Victron set-up.
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    BMS MOSFETs Explained

    I'm writing this post since it seems there is a lot of confusion (especially in the comment section of a certain youtuber in Australia) on why both MOSFETs in a typical single port BMS are controlled individually and why/how this works when they're in the same series circuit. It will hopefully...
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    Expect prices of battery cells and electronics to go up...

    Power shortages in China will likely cause significant price increases as companies are forced to stop production.
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    DIY Battery Handbook Initiative

    Considering the amount of users this site is seeing and the amount of people that are embarking on building their own battery (and the repeating issues we see), we thought it would be a good idea to compose a clear and concise recommended (best practices) document. This document would explicitly...
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    Excess Energy Storage

    So most of you know I have excess power in summer and early autumn, and one way to store energy for winter use is using the excess solar to process wood (cutting/splitting). That way, no fuels are used and the sound levels while processing are much nicer as an added benefit. One other way to use...
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    Use a fuse - and wear safety glasses... This could have been very bad.

    If she did not have that fuse, this would have been a lot worse... Definitely worth the cost of the Class T fuse.
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    Partial eclipse and output

    We had a partial eclipse yesterday; took this picture: A quick and dirty graph of the impact on solar output. The sky was clear the whole day, so it was excellent to see the impact.
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    20K users imminent!

    Don't know if you noticed, but this forum is going to hit 20K users in a day or two! @Will Prowse Nice!
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    Saved some forest again!

    I run a little project to buy up forest in the area to prevent it from being logged, and to turn it into natural forest again. The situation with COVID actually meant that quite some property comes up for sale, so we take advantage of that. Going from tree farm to natural forest takes time and a...
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    EVE 280Ah - 6 months later

    So after running my 32 EVE cells for the past 6 months I decided to pull my weakest cell and do a capacity test. Tester used was a CBA IV, at 20A discharge (can not really do a .2C test right now). Result: Ignore the bump at the 50Ah mark, I tightened the nuts better around that time - but...
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    Amp-Hour measurement and losses, or, why Voltage still doesn't matter.

    Recently I got into discussion in the comment section of YouTube (I know, I should know better) of a video posted by @Off-Grid-Garage. Topic of the video was capacity testing and why voltage does not matter when doing this test specifically when measuring Amp-Hours. After some people still...
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    Damn, I just noticed I made my 1000th post on here. 🥳
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    DIY ground mount

    Keeping in line with the whole low-cost solar system, building my own braided bus bars, etc. I thought I would see what it takes to build a low-cost ground mount for those 500W 96 cell panels (1310mm x 1956mm). My goals were to make the whole thing simple to build, with minimal tools and simple...
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    Got to vent...

    I'm just venting here, ignore. So, I just got permanently banned from /r/solar on Reddit for posting my build details for the under 10K Euro system I'm building. This is the sub post in question: All I link to is my blog entry with the description of the components, where to get them, and...
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    This could be interesting

    So, instead of just doing the usual and buying some Victron and Batrium equipment and calling it a day, I went shopping on Alibaba and Aliexpress to see if I could build my entire 32x280Ah and 10kW solar panels system for under 10K Euro, keeping in mind the power and charge requirements - so not...
  23. upnorthandpersonal BMS

    So I was thinking of giving some of these BMS systems from a try, but it seems I can't contact anyone there. Has anyone successfully ordered from them, and what was the experience like? I know there are some alternative channels to get e.g. the 4S version, but...
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    DIY Solar Power Wiki

    @all, It seems quite some people start getting frustrated with the amount of info hidden and spread out across multiple threads. Threads on interesting topics seem to grow very long, information is repeated, some of it lost in the noise. Would it be possible to integrate a wiki in this site so...
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    Since this keeps popping up on several threads, a word on buying from abroad and Incoterms. When you buy something from e.g. Alibaba, handling of goods are covered by international trade regulations. For the transport and delivery of goods from seller to buyer, these are called Incoterms, and...
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    Status thread: 32x 280Ah cells from Shenzhen Haomi through Alibaba

    Instead of adding to existing threads and making them more convoluted, I thought I start a new thread with status updates on my order of 32 LiFePO4 cells from the company mentioned in the title. First impressions: fast response, answered all questions. The person I talked to (@Anny jiang) is...
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    Maximum open circuit voltage calculator

    I'm posting this in a thread here since it might be useful for people. Please keep in mind that the below calculator contains bugs and doesn't do error checking - it's literally been 5 minutes to put together. Ok, so what does it do? It calculates the maximum open circuit voltage you would see...
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    Happy New Year!

    At least it will be in about 20 minutes where I am. Wishing you all the best for 2020!
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    Joined a few days ago - hello from Finland!

    New to the forum, but not new to off-grid stuff. I'm currently building my dream place here in Finland, my log house: Off grid of course, but providing all the modern amenities my family would expect. Solar for power, own waste water treatment (slightly more than your typical septic system)...