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    Solar panels for milk crate build.

    Any 100 to 200 watts panels are plenty to charge the 50ah battery if you have 4 to 5 hours of daily sun. More watts charge faster.
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    12/3000 multiplus II and 8 x 280EVE. What BMS?

    I would said go with the two of the 150A BMS' from JBD/Overkills style. One BMS for each 4S batteries and parallels them for redundancy.
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    Any one seen Michael Caro?

    You should direct message him. or do the @Michael B Caro to get his attention. I had ordered the first batch from Michael last year. . He seems to be still active in the forums.
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    Battery Backup System

    The all-in-one unit like the GroWatts is simple... (it has UPS mode like how you wanted. It has charger from AC or Solar. Or use Solar energy first or Street power..etc.) 1. Energy audit on how much power the reef tank uses - like a Kill-A-Watt meter 2. Size the battery from the energy audit on...
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    Top Balance voltage drops

    I do have a shunt for monitor. Hope to see 280ah on full discharge/disconnect by BMS or inverter. We will find out in a few days. Thanks.
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    Top Balance voltage drops

    Hooked up the inverter to test. The started voltage at 14.1v and quickly dropped to 13.3v. It that how it behavior? Cell 1. 3.337 2. 3.335 3. 3.334 4. 3.336 Different of 0.003v. I guess they do need to discharge that top voltages fast. Doing a slow 8amp discharge test.
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    Does anyone know the "Cycle capacity" parameter value for the EVE 280AH battery in the XiaoXiang BMS app? Thanks.

    Please disregard my question. Found the info in "Overkill Solar BMS manual" " 3.2.2 Cycle Capacity This parameter is used to calculate state of charge. In the real world, batteries do not meet the designed capacity printed on the cells. It can be higher, if the cell was underrated, or it can...
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    Top Balance voltage drops

    Finally finished hookup the 4S 12V 280AH EVE batteries. I see the voltage dropped: 1. 3.526 2. 3.509 3. 3.518 4. 3.523 Voltage diff: 0.017v according to the XiaoXiang BMS app. Cell #2 seems to be discharge faster from the first Top balanced of 3.61v. Thanks.
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    Top Balance voltage drops

    I top balanced the 4 EVE 280ah cells to 3.61vs and let it parallel for 3 days. Day 1 at 3.61, Day 2 at 3.571, Day 3 at 3.541v. Will it continue to drop to 3.5v or 3.4v? I plan to put the BMS on and let it be. All cells measured exactly the same or maybe off by 0.001v or so. I guess LiFePo4...
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    Two x 24v battery banks and one charge controller....

    Hi, I have a question about one charge controller to charge two 24v battery banks with BMS. Do I hook both battery banks to the command bus bars (positive and negative) and then the one charge controller to it? What if the one bank finished early and the other bank still taking charge? or...
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    Battery monitor lug size?

    Hi, I am trying to locate the spec of this popular battery monitor shunt terminal lug size. I haven't purchase it yet because I am in the planning stage. I searched the web, web videos, manuals, read comments, none state which size lug to use. If someone has it and could share the terminal...
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    Parallel 1/0 awg or 0 awg to max the amperage

    Plan to max 167amp for a 24v @ 4000w system. (maybe max 200amp?) The manual recommend 4/0 awg wires for the DC battery bank and over current device protections. Also plan to use two BMSs for two 24v 8 cells banks (2P8S). I only have one BMS 24v 100amp so far due to the shortage. So, I plan...
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    Parallel 1/0 awg or 0 awg to max the amperage

    I want to see if I could combine (2) 1/0 awg wires in parallel and not using 4/0 wires. The reason is I have plenty of 1/0 awg copper wires and want to avoid buying 4/0 awg wires. I plan to use it in the 24v system with the EVE 280 batteries. I see the 1/0 awg could handle it if you look at...
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    EVE 280 - top balanced - want to use without BMS

    New here with EVE 280. I am in a rush to put 4 EVE 280 Cells in service without BMS. It seems like everywhere is out of stock for 4S BMS due to a rush of 275a/280a orders by everyone here. I will top balance the 4 cells to 3.65v in parallel and then series them. Plan to hook it up to a 12V @...
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    Delta H6 6000W Grid-Tied Inverter NEW Battery-less Backup UL1741 Rule 21 2MPPT

    Search youtube. There is a new guy testing solar with it running Air Conditioner batteryless mode with many panels.
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    new ones just arrived

    Congrats! Love new toys. Which vendor you ordered from?
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    More newbie questions

    It comes down to panel being shaded or not. Total powers will be the same. 2P2S : A(1+2) B(3+4) Parallel AB The above case, any shades on 1 and 2, the output be to the lowest current of the shaded panel. Thus, lower power for the string. 2S2P: A( 1 2 Parallel) B(3 4 Parallel) Series AB...
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    More newbie questions

    Series to increase voltage. Parallel to increase amperage. Wattage=Voltage X Amperage. You can play around the panels you have to have it near the max solar charge controller amp/voltage.
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    BMS performance

    Are you using three Overkill BMSs for the 8s3P? That could explained the no voltage dip. Or was just one 123smartbms 3p8s not enough amperage?
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    Sol-Ark 12K with AC coupling

    The new Enphase IQ Envoy has a consumption CTs and it can curtail the Enphase IQ series to no export to the grid.
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    Is this 12V battery better than Battle Born?

    Here is another more technical reviewer by mjlorton from his bench of testing equipment with discharge data: Results: it is up to spec and he is happy with it.
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    Where did you come from/where else do you go?

    Sounds like this forum's notifications is similar to FB.
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    Moderator please help

    Try Gmail like Will said. It will give you portability when you decide to move from the sbcglobal or att's internet provider accounts. Once you leave them, there is no way to keep their email address.
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    Forum software

    From Will's past posts:
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    Grid tie inverter help

    You need to be code compliance to feed to the grid. This vendor PluginSolar does the 120v for N.A. with their micro inverters. I haven't see any 120v micro...
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    2x 200ah lifepo4 batteries here are some references materials for you.
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    2x 200ah lifepo4 batteries

    8s will be 24Volt. If you have 12v inverter and bms already, use the 11 22 33 44 setup will give 12v.
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    New inverter for old 2.6 KW system

    Oversize should be okay as long you plan out the voltage range per string or mppt inputs. Also check the existing wires if it could meet the requirements. Check the feed panel breaker on the main panel to see if the high wattage exports will be okay with the local code. Currently 2000W export...
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    2x 200ah lifepo4 batteries

    You will be fine. Just beef up on the wire size for at least 216 amps per the 2600w@12v inverter you have and the BMS wires.
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    2x 200ah lifepo4 batteries

    you meant using one 250amp BMS with 4S2P configuration? Is the inverter 12V? It is doable if that's what you want. Normally, once you have so much power pass 2000Watts, it is recommended to go 24V @ 2000 Watts. 4S2P looks like this with one 250amp BMS: 11 22 33 44 (One bank, 4 series with...
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    2x 200ah lifepo4 batteries

    What inverter do you plan to use? Sounds like 12V inverter type? The math works out 2560W per 4S configuration @ 12v. 2560x2 (Banks) = 5120W max watts. You have plenty of power to run the microwave. You can parallel them into the 12V inverter and each battery bank could draw max up to 150...
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    New inverter for old 2.6 KW system

    Just did some quick specs on your existing system on the KC 130 -- VoC 21.9 and Isc 8.02a. You definitely would need to rewiring it meet the newer DC input higher voltage grid tie inverters by taking 10 panels in series to make it 200 VDC and do the same for the other 10 panels. Parallel them...
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    Cheapest drop in lithium iron phosphate battery.

    The promotions are back for 2 Lion Energy UT1300 for 1399 USD. And 2 UT700 for 730 USD. Expired 9/13/2020. Costco membership required.
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    Anyone else have this problem?

    There is still a delay on notifications. Not sure if the traffics for the site is high or slow on the server side. Could someone look into it. Thanks.
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    Tiny van, tiny (portable) AC?

    Options: 1. Use solar panels to run a fan inside the car to exhaust the hot air via a vent somewhere. They make one that hooks onto the windows with a small gap so the hot air could be exhausted. 2. To save money and headaches, I would get an long distance car remote starter to kick on the...