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    Leaking Electrolyte from Bigbattery Powerblock

    Not really, they should have an E&O policy or a specific rider for product defects that should cover the cost. Of course, if it's 11 defects out of 100K, I don't think that would qualify for recall action? Now the sticky part is this: BB has been made aware of the issue, there is a video...
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    Leaking Electrolyte from Bigbattery Powerblock

    Have you done a close examination of the cells to see if you can locate where it is leaking from? I don't trust that BB would be transparent about the issue. I know a lot of people have purchases these types of cells, and am wondering if there is a weakness with them that could be identified...
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    You don't have to have a Pi for each BMS, I am not sure what the limit is, but I have a Pi talking to 2 right now and I am sure rfcomm can do more than that.
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    Help with JBD BMS--voltage for BT module

    okay, never mind, I figured it out. Looking at the chips on the Bluetooth Module, I noticed there is a HT7533 LDO, so that is how the made it safe to power the module. Leaving this post in case someone else runs into this question.
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    Help with JBD BMS--voltage for BT module

    Hi, would really appreciate it if someone can check something for me. If you have a JBD BMS and have a bluetooth module on it, can you check the voltage on the VCC pin for me? Is it 12v, 5v or 3v? I have a 13s unit, and a bluetooth module that I want to connect to it, but checking the...
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    BTW, I can control the BMS now. The checksum is just the sum of the 3 bytes (address + data + data). So.... sending it: 'A5A5FA0000FA' # Turn Off Charge MOSFET 'A5A5FA0001FB' # Turn On Charge MOSFET 'A5A5FE0000FE' # Reboot BMS 'A5A5F90000F9' # Turn Off DisCharge MOSFET 'A5A5F90001FA' #...
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    I haven't but I'd imagine if someone had the skills and effort, it might be possible, but maybe not worth the effort since almost any PI could work, and without Python, it might take some work to debug?
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth. I think they are the ones behind the BMS... The app for Android is called Mayi-BMS and there is a link to download it from their site, then you can side load it.
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    Help! Did I ruin the panel?

    Be careful with the MC4 connectors, there are lots of poor quality ones out there, and the connections may be loose if you didn't crimp it well.
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    Voltage drops and resets after a few seconds—stuck in safety mode?

    Sounds like it, if it's not under warranty, maybe it's time to take it apart and see if you can reset the BMS (or just call their support people to see if there is an easier way) :)
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    I am removing the Li-ion 48V pack from my recommendation list

    BigBattery doesn't even respond to email (pre-sales question). I can't imagine post-sales support is any good. Good luck, hope their batteries don't burn your house down.
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    LFeLi-48200TB BMS faulty?

    Since there is a RS232 port, you can try connecting a USB to serial cable to it and see if you can get into the BMS. From there, you might be able to change it. You can always just wire in your own BMS--$80 units from eBay are pretty capable as long as you aren't pull 100s of amps.
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    Is it possible? Solar charge 96v EV while driving?

    Have you considered making a Power Ranger suit made of solar panels? Then you can be charging while you ride, and when you walk around. Just carry the 24s50p pack with you. :)
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    Weird question about a weird smell

    ...Any ideas why it was only discharged once?
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    LFeLi-48200TB BMS faulty?

    As far as I know, there isn't generic BMS software that can talk to any BMS. If you are lucky, your BMS might have a common interface like modbus, but you'd have to know what values to pull from it. I see there is a menu button and a reset button, have you explored those options to see what...
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    Medical Batteries - What I have seen LIFEPO4

    Most of the equipment is covered under a support/maintenance/calibration contract, and there is a schedule for them to come and check the machines out, including the batteries. I wonder if some of the batteries that get sold on the second life market is from maintenance companies, or if...
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    BYD packs — one year on — survey

    I am not sure in the end it's worth the effort or extra cost. Maybe you should wait until you get the cells and see what condition they are in before making plans to parallel them from the start. I agree with @jasonhc73. There is a usable range on these packs, and if you stay within the...
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    Whats your average KWH hour household ?

    Wow, never been to the coast in Oregon, will have to check it out. Thanks! I am in CA, and around 8-10kWh/day. Since Covid, have been using a little more power but have been working on power efficiency and that has given me pretty good results. Don't think I can get much lower than 8-10kWh...
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    Why in the heck is there not a Lifepo4 cell manufacturer in the USA?

    Each of us vote with our wallets everyday, and more often than not, we cannot resist low prices. Until most of the process is automated, where the US can use to offset the cheap labor cost in China, we will continue to see lower cost batteries come from China. China itself cannot sustain these...
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    BYD Battery - Charge low cell

    Slightly off-topic, on cells that are low, you can parallel a cell to help it along, but what do you do with runners--how do you slow them down?
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    BYD Battery - Charge low cell

    Yes, you can charge that cell directly. I have a few BYD packs too, and cell 8 is the runner, but evens out by 3.35V and another cell takes over as the runner, so you should keep an eye on all of the cells as you reach your voltage target.
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    Metal for power distribution block?

    Thanks, all good points. I'll stop by the box store and see what's available and if nothing fits, I'll just make my own.
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    Metal for power distribution block?

    I should clarify, the terminal block was unused from my car audio days (I had a lot of high-end stuff that I couldn't bring myself to throw away), most of my cables are 4 or 6 AWG. The thinest cables are the ones coming out of the BMS, which I think is a pair of 10AWG. Yes, I am very sure...
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    Metal for power distribution block?

    I need to use a power distribution block to connect various components together, for the positive side, I found an old car audio block that has a few terminals that will accept 2AWG wiring, it's some sort of ferrous metal, is from the 90s I think. I don't have a matching one for the negative...
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    26% Solar Tax credit extended through 2022!!

    I guess we should never let a good crisis go to waste.
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    Bms ratings

    That's such a nice way of saying Ebay listing lie. :) Buy the most amps you can fit into your project or budget.
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    Making an Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) using a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) battery.

    @burtonmadness I'd be very interested in building something like this, too. I have recently moved from big servers to smaller compute nodes that can off about 19V DC. This has significantly cut my power usage and I am sharing a single PC power supply for multiple servers. Anything, not t...
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    Unfortunately, the checksum method doesn't seem to work, or something else is required (maybe a secondary command with the "apply" address has to be sent, not sure), but thanks for the link. I did take a look at the addresses for the temps, and looks like you can get battery sensor 1 and 2...
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    Holy shit! That's a great find! I've been trying to figure out how the checksum is calculated, and made very little progress, so this definitely helps a lot.
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    For those of you looking to monitor your ANT-BMS with Pi3 via Bluetooth.

    Real temperature(91-102): short Celsius degree You'd have to guess which temp is for which sensor. If you have the LCD, I suppose this could be pretty simple to do.
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    enclosure for BMS and connectors?

    The metal inserts in each corner seems to be threaded, and it's probably M3 or something. Maybe attach a plastic plate to it then attach the plate to your enclosure. Otherwise, zip ties on both the X and Y axis would probably hold it just fine.
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    Anyone used LiRongPing Lifepo4 3.2V 300Ah 16pcs Cell?

    The seller doesn't seem to be in the US, look at the delivery dates. Also, it doesn't look like it's part of Amazon's EZ return, so you might have some trouble getting your money back if these turn out to be junk.
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    Silicate Salt Battery VS. Li-on

    Buy once, cry once. If this is your first set of batteries, you may want to stick with something that is in common use, so if you have some questions, there is someone here that can help. If you are just relying on the vendors, you may be left disappointed--they have your money already.
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    For those of us who wear tin foil hats

    I forgot to mention that all of them died unexpectedly, but I did cremate them in an authentic replica Radarange microwave oven.
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    Would connecting 2 batteries in different SOC in parallel cause damage?

    @sunrise I will be doing the same (adding another battery pack in parallel to the existing) in the coming weeks, and I am planning to get the voltages as close as possible and then just connect the outputs from the two BMS and the positives. A bit of spark, but should be ok?