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  1. sunshine_eggo

    ATTN JRC Pros - consumption data file

    I keep dabbling with the off-grid tab. I alternate between loving and hating it, but I WANT to love it. I'm struggling with the consumption data: The default consumption csv file looks like this: That % consumption for hours 1-24 of the day. I know it says for local time, but the results...
  2. sunshine_eggo

    DIY Solar Forum Saves Christmas!

    Wife's enthusiasm for X-mas decorations is waning with age. She is within sight of my X-mas apathy... Her enthusiasm was somewhat renewed by the idea of a "popup" X-mas tree... Oh the glory... open the box, tree complete and decorated in 8 minutes! DISASSAPOINTMENT...
  3. sunshine_eggo

    3 phase motors for dummies (I'm the dummy, need help)

    Friend has a deep well pump. He has no technical knowledge of the system. Based on the specs, the pump motor is 3 phase 208-230VAC. He has been feeding it with 230VAC from a split phase 120/240VAC generator via L1 & L2. This is not in doubt. I've seen it running; however, I have NOT seen the...
  4. sunshine_eggo

    Battery Monitor: Aili vs. Victron Smartshunt/BMV

    Thanks @FilterGuy for the Aili manual: Based on my read, it doesn't address temperature or current variations. For LFP, they both suffice. For FLA/AGM/GEL, the Victron is VASTLY superior for these two reasons: Peukert...
  5. sunshine_eggo

    How solar panels work (for dummies, volts and amps)

    This post is WAY less sophisticated than one might think. This deals solely with voltage and amps and how they interact (or don't matter much) in low light conditions. There have been a handful of posts expressing concern about panels in parallel not playing well together. This is rarely a...
  6. sunshine_eggo

    8S or less alternative to top balance with potential future awesomeness.

    This charger, 20A 1-8S balance charger: 8S balance leads (no, you don't need 10, and you'd only use 5 of the 9 wires for 4S):