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    Charge voltage

    Hi all, finishing up my 4S battery pack for my RV. It’s made up of CATL 302A grade A cells and a Daly 250A smart BMS. Data sheet on these says maximum charge voltage is 3.65v, I was going to limit to 3.6v however I see on many YouTube videos people limiting to 3.5v. What is the general...
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    LifeP04 blue wrap

    Hi all, I am building a LifeP04, 12v, 302A battery set for my RV to replace two AGM’s. I purchased grade A CATL cells. I also purchased 8020 aluminum extrusion with the idea of building an exoskeleton around the batteries. I didn’t realize that the aluminum case on these batteries is...
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    Trusted 280A LifePo4 vendor

    Hi all. Made the mistake of buying lifepo4 cells from aliexpress and it looked to good and was as they were never delivered, vendor tracking says they were and won’t refund. I will follow the AliExpress claims as well a PayPal but doesn’t look promising. Vendor was Shop912316039 Store. Can...
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    New RV, need advice

    Hi all, I purchased a new RV yet to be received. It’s a class B+. I ordered the 400w solar panels and 3600w LP generator. The upgrade from AGM to Lithium was approx $5,000 which I felt completely crazy. I did my research and my 2000w inverter, dc-dc charger and solar controller can all be...
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    New RV, battery advice please.

    Hi all, new here, first post. Been watching a lot of youtube videos about batteries/solar and trying to learn as much as possible. We recently ordered an LTV U24TB RV. Won’t get it for at least another year as there’s huge backlogs in the RV world. I ordered the 400w solar panels, it will...