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    Securing Wires: 8 AWG & 12 AWG to Wood
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    For the best connection I solder, do you? Why not?

    If you have the proper crimping tool for the connector being used and you know how to use it by all mean crimp. If not but all means solder it. IMO what must be soldered is, the battery lug ends connectors when using a Lead Acid battery, especially if they are in a battery box with limited...
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    AliExpress, Morecell Battery Store 310 ah unboxing

    The 2nd cell just finished the load test and I will say I am very pleased. Once again the load test was started with the cell voltage at 3.63 volts and shut off when it trigger the load tester which was set to 2.50 volts.
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    Should i equalized my deep cycle gel batteries before use ?

    I would connect them in parallel and put them on a charger so they all start at the same charge level. If you have a small charger like maybe 10 amp use that so they have time to balance and fully charge.
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    Mixing lead acid and LIFPO in stand alone solar system

    More input please. What voltage and how many amp hours of each battery do you have? How many solar panels and what are their specs? If your running an inverter what is it? IMO the simple answer is divide the panels and run 2 completely separate systems. As noted above the charge profile of...
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    AliExpress, Morecell Battery Store 310 ah unboxing

    I connected all the cells in parallel and top balanced them. My power supply said 3.65 volts my multimeter says 3.63 volts. What started out as a 1mm buldge per side increases to 2.5 mm per side when fully charged. The load test was started with the cell voltage at 3.63 volts and shut off when...
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    Wire Guage Notation

    You mean like this?
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    Wire Guage Notation

    This is what I always use as a reference.
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    280 or 302Ah I will be updating the Morecell thread tomorrow after the 1st load test is complete. I will tell you ALL cells bulged while...
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    280 or 302Ah

    Both came thru AliExpress. One set was from PWOD Official Storeand the other I am presently load testing came from Morecell Battery Store.
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    280 or 302Ah

    I can tell you I choose the largest capacity battery I could find/afford so I have enough power over night. As far as whats most popular, I think some on it comes down to what is available. I have 16 310 ah batteries.
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    Different Type Batteries Connection Risks?

    Being you already had a failure from the one source I would not be using those 2 different batteries in parallel.
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    Clamping Pressure

    The theory behind compressing the cells is that it keeps the battery material in contact with the terminal post. The result should be increase cycle life. The use of springs keeps a uniform and per-determined load on the face of the cell. I am a DIY guy so I will do whatever to improve and...
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    Can anybody recommend a watt meter please?

    Mine is in my kitchen. It gave me a much better idea how much power it takes to run a microwave, toaster, coffee pot, mixer. Yes everything has labels but actually usage is an eye opener. I don't think a lot of people completely understand how much power they use at any given time.
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    Overkill BMS For 10A charging

    What do you plan on charging them with?
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    Would you be upset with these Catl Cells?

    That's how they were packaged?
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    Can anybody recommend a watt meter please?

    I have a power strip plugged into mine so I can watch real time usage.
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    I have found in that batteries always will take a bit more of a charge if you let them rest after the 1st charge up.
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    Once I get to that point I disconnect the charger, let the batteries rest for a few hours and then put the charger back on them. That tends to really pack the charge.
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    Connecting panels on East and west of home

    What inverter are you running that has multi PV inputs? More information like panel size and or label will help.
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    cell and total voltage difference

    My question would be what is the advertised accuracy and repeatability of either unit. IMO your in no mans land and normal DIY guys do not own any test equipment that can detect that small of a range accurately.
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    AliExpress, Morecell Battery Store 310 ah unboxing

    Back in April I ordered LifePo4 batteries thru AliExpress from PWOD Official Store. I posted about those batteries and am pretty happy with them. The PWOD batteries were taking forever in shipping, so in June I ordered another set but this time from Morecell Battery Store. I ordered 8 pcs 310ah...
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    Distance requirements between Solar Panels/Inverter, battery storage unit and consumer unit

    In all cases I would keep the batteries as close to the solar charger/ inverter as that is normally the largest current in the system. On the solar panel side, connect panels in series to increase the voltage but not increase the current. Just be mindful of the controller's max voltage and the...
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    Has anyone used that Chinese Capacity Tester Will used on his video?

    Do you have any idea where they started? For me at 85% and above I am using it if it is working.
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    Has anyone used that Chinese Capacity Tester Will used on his video?

    My 2 cents. I purchased the same unit and on a single LifeFo4 cell it would not pull more then 7 amps. I did run more then one volt meter just to double check as I figured for $50 I was not buying a lab grade test unit. The main thing I was looking for was if the batteries I purchased were the...
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    Having Flow Waterjet access Priceless

    If we had plating equipment where I worked they would have made their way into the nickle take for sure.
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    Danger Will Robinson, solar power can kill you!

    Anyone that knows about Danger Will Robinson is giving away their age,, Dr. Zachary Smith.
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    310 ah LifePO4 from Aliexpress take 1

    That's the plan. I have 1/8" thick neoprene closed cell foam. It will act as a insulator and well as take up irregulartities in the surfaces. I live in upstate NY so keeping the batteries above 32 deg F in the winter is more of a concern then keeping them cool in the summer. I am using an...
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    Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    I guess my only thing is, your in a camper and if the battery temp drops below 0c, LIFEPo4 batteres should not be charged. Yes I see it has heaters but the power from the heater needs to come from somewhere. If tyhere is limited sunlight, what then? I am thinking if I was not a DIY kind of...
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    Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    Let me ask, how much power do you think you need? I will say that Renogy is a nice piece but a DIY set-up at that price would yield more amp-hours.
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    And Now I wait

    I protected my investment by setting my charger to 3.55 volts when I was not there. Once I was there to monitor it with a separate volt meter I re-set my charger to 3.65v
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    Panel array and wire gauge for lv2424

    I like a combiner box as I feel it makes for a clean set. 2s config 47v x 2 = 94v max 2s config 9.10 a x 2 = still 9.1 amps (updated) 2 p config 9.1 x 2 = 18.2 amps (updated) calculate wire size based on amps and distance...
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    And Now I wait

    I think top balancing batteries is like watching paint dry. It's one of those things you need to do but you need to set your charger and walk away.
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    Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    There is a trade off. The LTO will handle low temps without a heater. Depending on where you live and average winter temps that might be an advantage.
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    Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    Your option is Lithium ion titanate batteries. Look at XS-Power batteries.