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  1. dmholmes

    Connect Alligator Clips to Removable Battery Posts

    Gotta be user error here, I haven't had a battery with removable posts before. What's the correct way to put these posts in? The positive post plastic cap is stuck to the screw so there is not enough room to for battery charger clips.
  2. dmholmes

    Refrigerator flickering lights with EcoFlow

    I have a Reliance manual transfer switched used with a generator, Giandel inverter + battery, or AC200P without any issues. I got an EcoFlow Delta mini (x2) and using that source my refrigerator lights are flickering and the power draw seems higher than I see with the other power sources. The...
  3. dmholmes

    12v to 48v Converter Wire Gauge

    I'm looking at discharging LiFePO batteries into power stations MPPT. This boost converter meets the voltage requirements but the first review is saying that the input wire gauge will not handle the amperage. I checked and the 32a max amperage looks adequate for 12 AWG with 105 degree...
  4. dmholmes

    Bluetti AC200P (Houston)

    Houston-area peeps, I have an AC200P I no longer need if you are interested. It has only been discharged and charged to 100% upon arrival. Comes with original accessories and extra solar charging cable, lead acid battery cable, and 25a DC RV aviator cable set. I'm selling because I am moving to...
  5. dmholmes

    PV Switch

    Would a residential installer do a grid tied system with a manual switch before the string inverter to route the PV DC to a separate MPPT/battery system for outages?
  6. dmholmes

    Undersized Tesla Solar Install for Backup Power

    We are looking at a Tesla solar installation mainly for grid outages, currently have a generator and some small battery backup. Based on our average electric bill Tesla recommends 8 kW PV and 1 Powerwall. Since we don't plan to offset all of our grid usage we'd prefer to go with the lower cost 4...
  7. dmholmes

    AC200 Max & B230 Expansion Battery

    From the Bluetti Facebook group for those interested. Supposed to be available in August.
  8. dmholmes

    Can you identify these panels?

    Does anybody know what brand these are? No luck searching for GTXS-200W. They are available for a good price locally.
  9. dmholmes

    Bluetti EB150/240 Battery Safety

    Is the lithium polymer battery in these units considered safer than other explody type lithium polymer batteries?
  10. dmholmes

    Gird-tied with Secure Power Supply

    Would a grid-tied system with a Secure Power Supply to charge be a viable alternative to getting an installed solar battery (Powerwall/Enphase/LG)? With the 2,000w I could charge batteries/power stations during grid outage. It wouldn't be as nice of an integrated system of course, but it would...
  11. dmholmes

    Bluetti AC200P or Hysolis PPS2K Power Station for Home Backup

    Very similar specs and price either will fit my application. Any reason to favor one or the other? Bluetti AC200P Hysolis PPS2K Power Station
  12. dmholmes

    Add Battery to Grid-tied Solar Edge

    I have a neighbor that is interested in adding battery storage to his grid-tied system (Solar Edge HD wave). Is there an opportunity for DIY in this setup or does he have to go with a solar company?
  13. dmholmes

    Lithium NMC Preferable to LFP

    Accurate, or merely biased based on their products?
  14. dmholmes

    Wood Crate DIY

    Would it be okay to use a wood crate (example) instead of a milk crate for a DIY portable power station build? Enough ventilation?
  15. dmholmes

    Overpanel Renogy Wanderer 10a

    Is it safe to overpanel the wattage (max 130w) on this charge controller with 2 100w in series as long as the voltage (max 50v) is not exceeded? The 2 panels: Voc 17.9v, Isc 6.24a Voc 21.4v, Isc 5.70a
  16. dmholmes

    Change Furnace from Hardwired to Plug

    Hi guys. How difficult is it to rewire a furnace cable that is hardwired to a box, to a plug instead? Just looking to run it off generator temporarily if needed. I could cut the end of an extension cord to use. I don't have caps/butt ends to properly join the furnace cable to the extension cord...
  17. dmholmes

    Big Battery 12V 170Ah LiFePO4 Power Block

    I'm thinking of adding a second 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 to increase backup time for outages. The new 12V 170Ah Power Pack from Big Battery looks like a nice alternative. Any gotchas you see with this power block?
  18. dmholmes

    Victron MPPT 75/15 maximum power

    I'm a little confused by the nominal vs maximum power for the Victron MPPT 75/15. Can it handle over paneling with 3 HQST flexible 100w panels in series?
  19. dmholmes

    Connecting SCC to Inverter

    In one of @Will Prowse's beginner videos he connects the SCC to the inverter instead of the battery. What are the pros/cons of both ways?
  20. dmholmes

    3/8 Lug on 5/16 Bolt

    I got this bolt on terminal fuse block that has a 5/16 fuse holder bolt where the cable attaches. My cable has 3/8 lugs. Is is okay to use the 3/8 lug (it is snug when bolted down) or should I redo the cable with 5/16 lug?
  21. dmholmes

    Flexible Panel Strength Suspended From Corners

    Will a flexible panel attached at the 4 corners parallel or 45 degrees to the ground, a few feet above ground without any support structure be able to withstand low wind conditions? I have a balcony that I'm thinking of placing panels with hooks on the house side, and some kind of strap on the...
  22. dmholmes

    Charge Battery From Generator Unregulated DC

    Can I charge a LiFePO from an unregulated DC outlet in a gas generator?
  23. dmholmes

    Faster Charging For Solar Generator With DC Converter

    Any issues you guys see in doing this?
  24. dmholmes

    4 Circuit Manual Transfer Switch (Goal Zero, Reliance)

    Is there a difference between the Goal Zero Home Integration Kit and the Reliance manual transfer switch? It looks to just be rebranded.
  25. dmholmes

    AIO or Power Station for Backup Power

    I have a AGM battery, charger, and inverter setup to power our refrigerator, phones, lights, etc... for occasional weather-related outages. I'm adding 2-4 100W solar panels that can be placed on our balcony and get sunlight for about 3.5 hours a day. We also have a portable generator, soon to be...
  26. dmholmes

    Inverter and Grid Cable for MPP Solar 1012

    In @Will Prowse's all-in-one setup he uses an extension cord, cut and stripped, for the MPP Solar inverter output and grid input. I read somewhere else here that an SO (SOOW?) cable would be better? Any recommendations or just buy the right gauge, length, and number of conductors? I'm not...
  27. dmholmes

    Inverter to Battery Cable Size

    I though I was doing well by replacing the 2' 5 AWG battery cable that came with my 1200w inverter with a 2 AWG cable. But when looking into bolt on fuses I see that @Will Prowse links to a 1/0 cable for 1000-2000w inverter, and the chart he recommends to check for fuse sizing recommends a 2/0...
  28. dmholmes

    Professional Installation of Only Roof Panels

    We live in a 3 story townhouse. I only need backup for occasional outages, currently done with a generator and DIY battery/inverter/charger. I could temporarily charge via panel for a couple of hours on our balcony, or move battery to my SUV and put a panel on the roof to charge for most of the...
  29. dmholmes

    SLA AGM Indoor Safety

    Most of the web says SLA AGM batteries are safe for indoor use. Assuming normal indoor living space and temperature are there any safety concerns?
  30. dmholmes

    Where to Buy SLA AGM Local?

    I’ve only found one place locally that sells deep cycle SLA AGM batteries, Batteries Plus Bulbs. Are there any other places that typically sell these? Auto part stores don’t seem to carry them.
  31. dmholmes

    Alligator Clips to Eyelet Cable for 1200w Inverter

    Where to buy? Most on Amazon are 16 AWG. Is 12 AWG enough?
  32. dmholmes

    Last Minute Hurricane Backup Power Prep

    So no time to get the products I'd like. Looking for some power for a few hours overnight so I don't have to run the generator for the refrigerator. The refrigerator startup is about 1,100 watts and 130 watts when running. It took about 900 watt hours 9pm-9am last time I checked. Just need 4...
  33. dmholmes

    Portable All-in-One Solar Power System

    Has anybody done or seen a nice compact portable way to mount Will's 12v All-In-One Solar Power System? I'm comparing that versus a Bluetti AC200 for backup during occasional power outages.
  34. dmholmes

    Power Station vs Components

    I've seen the argument frequently that one could build a battery/inverter/charger system for much cheaper than buying a power station. When I priced a good battery, inverter, and charger it doesn't seem to be cheaper compared to a good power station. I do see an advantage that you get the exact...
  35. dmholmes

    Bluetti AC100 Shutoff Over 100w?

    From the FAQ on the AC100: "Please note that the AC output ports can only charge/power devices that operate at less than 600-Watts, besides, the whole wattage should be under 100watts as well . Once exceeding, Bluetti AC100 will shut off automatically." Are they saying the inverter can only...