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    Help with JBD BMS--voltage for BT module

    Hi, would really appreciate it if someone can check something for me. If you have a JBD BMS and have a bluetooth module on it, can you check the voltage on the VCC pin for me? Is it 12v, 5v or 3v? I have a 13s unit, and a bluetooth module that I want to connect to it, but checking the...
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    Metal for power distribution block?

    I need to use a power distribution block to connect various components together, for the positive side, I found an old car audio block that has a few terminals that will accept 2AWG wiring, it's some sort of ferrous metal, is from the 90s I think. I don't have a matching one for the negative...
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    LFP charge behavior

    Hi, Pretty new to lithium batteries and want to understand it a little better. I am monitoring cell voltages in a 8s pack (the 24V BYD packs) and noticed that at a certain point, the individual voltages of the pack oscillate a lot, and this occurs after a certain voltage threshold has been...
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    Ant BMS - Auto Balance vs "CellDiffBalance"

    Hi, Does anyone know what the difference is between these balancing modes, and when they are triggered? It shows up on "Param2" page. Thanks