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  1. cisumma

    MPP VOLTS and poor performance

    Question: I have 3 strings and each and I have never seen the PV volts at the MPP ever go above 80 volts total. First , the three strings are in a definite " temporary overpanling " setup; meaning, lots of trees and panels are perpendicular; but, the sun is low for winter and all the panels...
  2. cisumma

    Mpp and lock rotor amps

    Lock rotor amps. I am writing today to explore options concerning the " all in one mpp" Although, my ac output is minimal right now it is set up to run off of a metal bus bar;And, it runs a radio, chargers and small loads. Now, I have not tried to run a 1 amp fridge; but, it may...
  3. cisumma

    PV panels and grounding rods vs warerline ground

    Grounding my PV panels. I am bonding and grounding my panels to a indoor waterline. Is this sufficient? My decision to ground to a waterline over ground to an outside ground rod was based on some research that swayed me to believe that an outside ground may be effected by nearby...
  4. cisumma

    Testing PV when MPP reads 0 V and 0WATT

    Set up the MPP and connected first string of PV: 2s1p , 48.7 v and 355 watts each panel. Am I missing something? MPP shows no v and no watts. Granted, it is my first time using MC4 connectors; and I did not get voltage readings off of each panel prior to install; my bad. The crimping is...
  5. cisumma

    Fusing 2 panels in series

    I have 10 awg homerun fused with 30 amp fuse on a string homerun from panel to controller mpp . The two panels in series are 2@ 355 watt, 48 v ,9.06 amp paneles in series. Is an additional fuse needed at the panels to protect 9.06 amp? Thanks
  6. cisumma

    Watt hour relationship

    I need to run a 115 watt hour fridge in a 450 ah 24 volt lead acid AGM vmaxtank battery; and, the two 355 watt PV rated in series at 110 v and 32 amps Can this be possible? I have yet to learn the watt hour relationship. Thanks
  7. cisumma

    24v battery bank charges 12v battery bank

    Can a 24v battery bank charge a 12v battery bank?
  8. cisumma

    Manufacturers specificatiins fir vmaxtank c rate

    I can not seem to find the specs or c rate for the vmaxtank 225ah. Does anyone know a useful link to get the data sheet ? P.s: whose selling a MPPT or hybrid work with 710 watts pv, 110v ,30 amp ; any recommendation? Thanks
  9. cisumma

    Initial setup of battery bank vs. Pv:

    Specifications: for Hansol 355 watt panels : 6 panels total. Rated Power: 355W Open circuit voltage (VOC): 47.8 V Max power voltage (VMP): 39.2 V Short circuit current (ISC): 9.65 A Max power current: 9.06 Maximum system voltage: 1000V UL Fuse Rating: 15 A IP68 Junction Box with...
  10. cisumma

    Battery bank : lead acid

    Hello; i was planning on adding 2@ 300 watt solor panels ($1400 +-). Is there a recommended brand that is good? Also, will 900 watts be able to charge a 1400 ah battery bank?