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  1. TomC4306

    Overkill BMS 48V Balance lead location

    After main negative is connected, attach the remaining wires IN ORDER. 1st cell positive, 2nd cell positive, etc. Regardless of color. Notice wire color on cell 10 and 11.
  2. TomC4306

    JBD BMS app does not work

    Hmm... Thousands of others working fine. But it just CAN'T be something you are doing...
  3. TomC4306

    Top Balancing "How to"

    You're getting there.. watch closely over the next several hours
  4. TomC4306

    Idle 'no load' Consumption: Specs vs Your Personal Observation

    MPPSolar PIP3048LV-MK pair in split phase. 48 volt 3000 watts each 34-38 watts each no load
  5. TomC4306

    Victron 100/50 always in bulk

    You're right. I didn't see that.
  6. TomC4306

    Question about GroWatt all-in-ones

    Correct. A pre-configured raspberry pi connected USB to the inverters. No affiliation but I love it. Provides rich data. I have an experimented with power management yet but understand it to be changing output mode from SBU to SUB on a schedule also dependent on SOC.
  7. TomC4306

    Question about GroWatt all-in-ones

    That AC charging anomaly was one of the items that led me to go MPP solar. With respect to scheduling, see this link scroll to the bottom and look at power management.
  8. TomC4306

    Victron 100/50 always in bulk

    First issue is 21.6 volts open circuit * 5 panels is greater than the 100 volt maximum input on that solar charge controller. Second, you have 300 amp hours worth batteries that probably arrived to you and 30 or 40% state of charge. Did you charge them all up before connecting them? If not then...
  9. TomC4306

    Problem with JBD BMS bluetooth

    For whatever reason, when that app initializes, it looks for location services to be on. Once connected you can then turn it off, but each time you launch that app the GPS needs to be on
  10. TomC4306

    Problem with JBD BMS bluetooth

    Is GPS turned on in your phone?
  11. TomC4306

    A question about the "missing low temp sensor" problem...

    No. In use, the circuit board heats up and would pervert the temp readings. Low temp sense must be on the cells!
  12. TomC4306

    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    Thank you @ghostwriter66 for sharing this supplier. Ordered 16 EVE 160's 10/21 There was no stock in Houston so had to be shipped from China. Fedex shipper printed 10/26. Tracking went live 12/24 when Fedex picked up from customs. 10 scans later, they were delivered today 1/2. Boxes in good...
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    Yes.. thank you.
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    The original question.. They are not going to sit at 365 after top balancing. As soon as you remove the charger, they will come off of 365. However, I didn't see any responses that said do not top balance. You should top balance.
  15. TomC4306

    Overkill connecting?

    Did you turn on the gps on the phone before launching the app?
  16. TomC4306

    MPP LV5048 utility not charging.

    Mpp solar vs Outback.... You get what you pay for.
  17. TomC4306

    Can you help me identify some PV panels?

    Everything you need to know is on that label. Keep reading on this forum, searching the forum for specific questions previously asked. Read, read, read. This is an A, and this is a B, type help has been given on here before and you can find it if you search for it. I suggest people go to the...
  18. TomC4306

    Price per watt hour-diy versus 48V rack battery

    Back to my earlier question. If I were only looking for a part for a system, I'd probably go for these newish rack prebuilts. They're very nice. But... I spent my formative years in the USAF doing DC electronics but have been away from it for many years. This became for me an opportunity to...
  19. TomC4306

    Price per watt hour-diy versus 48V rack battery

    Well, you started the comparison between a 100ah EG4 and a 300 ah DIY. Kinda apples and oranges.
  20. TomC4306

    Price per watt hour-diy versus 48V rack battery

    A more accurate comparison would be EG4 100 amp hour versus DIY 100 amp hour. EG4 =5120 wh $1499 +tax and shipping DIY = 5120 wh CALB 100ah $56*16= $896 + 155 for BMS + 100 extras +50 circuit breaker =1201. + lugs, crimper, wire, time, anxiety... EG4 $0.29 per wh. DIY $0.23 per wh. Do you just...
  21. TomC4306

    Building a 48V battery with 24 Lifepo4 3V cells

    I agree with @meetyg above. You cannot mix parallel and serial connections inside a single pack the way you describe.
  22. TomC4306

    solar assistant and rasberry pi

    First, not sure why you bought it... That said, you're misunderstanding the words. When you plug in solar assistant raspberry pi, the pi becomes a hotspot. Then, when you look at your phone, and look for available networks, solar assistant is one of the available networks that you can allow...
  23. TomC4306

    Are these stubborn calls?

    You will start seeing faster movement once it gets above 3.38 or so. WHY DON'T YOU HAVE A BMS ON IT? Watch very carefully. 10 hours from 3.2 3.3. 5 from 3.3 to 3.4. 1 hour from 3.4 to 3.65 (or overvolt a cell) The charge curve becomes logarithmic.
  24. TomC4306

    solar assistant and rasberry pi

    It's preloaded on an SD card that is already installed in the pi. I attached the little power brick to my bus bars (48v system), attached the USB cable from inverter to pi, and then followed the instructions. Really only 4 or 5 settings and steps. The pi creates a hotspot first (the only...
  25. TomC4306

    solar assistant and rasberry pi

    Just received it Thursday and installed it last night Saturday. Fantastic! I'm using it with parallel MPP 3048's. I love the granularity of the data. And lots of it. I still have to figure out how to connect a jbd BMS to it. But solar assistant does have what they call emulated BMS where the...
  26. TomC4306

    What material to use in between prismatic cells

    I used very thin simple cardboard. The grayish cardboard (probably has a name) that backs most tablets (old fashioned paper tablets). Many of the signs that we work with daily come from the manufacturer's separated with sheets of it.
  27. TomC4306

    560ah 12v Battery with Clean, Modern Case

    Symmetry. Nice work.
  28. TomC4306

    560ah 12v Battery with Clean, Modern Case

  29. TomC4306

    4 batteries: two of them drain to charge the others???

    Resolving this question would be my first priority.
  30. TomC4306

    New DIY 12V Build - low battery voltage from BMS issue

    I'm not a big fan of the bolt passing current through the wood on the negative side.
  31. TomC4306

    Mppt voltage

    And this math should have been resolved before any equipment was purchased
  32. TomC4306

    Mppt voltage

    I was answering the original question
  33. TomC4306

    Mppt voltage

    The original poster stated a 12 volt system... Therefore 40 voc Max