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  1. jbird526

    Aquarium and random other needs solar generator

    As a backup to my aquariums built the following. Wanted something a bit more attractive than a crate as it will sit in the living room along with the tanks. Zantrex 600w that have had for years and never found a proper use. Renogy Li 40a mppt that I bought used but still in the box. 4s 100ah...
  2. jbird526

    Solar array porn

    Just wanted to post a pic of my buddy's SunPower array that was installed @12? years ago, when the solar credits in Maryland were well worth the investment.
  3. jbird526

    LNEX battery monitor

    Maybe its been mentioned somewhere but a search did not bring up any results. Just got this battery monitor. Other than the label this appears to be the exact same shunt that Renogy sells for $99. I even used the Renogy online manual to setup the shunt. LNEX battery monitor
  4. jbird526

    Parallel battery wiring techniques

    The screenshot below from the Victron Wiring PDF. There are 4 techniques for parallel wiring shown. Are there any reasons to pick one over another when wiring for LiFePO4, other than less wire required for some connections? Posts has identical length wiring so could see some value in identical...
  5. jbird526

    280 4s actual watt hours on inverter?

    Would it be reasonable as a rule of thumb to calculate the watt hours of a LiFePO4 280ah 4s like the following? You could get cells that a bit lower but just thinking about some default calculations to add to a spreadsheet. Utilize only .80 of the battery as to not drain all the way down and...
  6. jbird526

    Small portable powerbox

    This is a minimalist box I built with "spare" parts. Consists of 25ah cells, a Daly 40a BMS, Anderson connector for small inverter hookup and BattGo connector. Externally, 2 usb ports with voltage readout and cigarette lighter port.
  7. jbird526

    Thoughts on 12v high amp discharge battery builds

    As I browse the different posts about battery builds, I have seen several users building 280ah 4s packs and then trying to find Quality/Inexpensive/HighAmp BMS's able to support say a 2000 watt inverter. Quality/Inexpensive/HighAmp BMS seems like a Venn diagram. You can only pick 2. I hesitate...
  8. jbird526

    Charging BMS issues with 2 12v 100ah batts in series to 24v?

    Maybe I am overthinking or not thinking at all regarding this BMS question. :unsure: If I build a 12v 100ah 4s lithium battery with a 12v 100a BMS, and later decide to build an identical unit but hook them up in series to run 24v components, is there any issue charging with 24v to the BMS's...
  9. jbird526

    Looking for advice on backup configuration for grid, generator and battery without solar at the moment

    Have a backup generator that was given to me, a Champion 7000 watt and yes I know its not a great unit but was free and practically new. Perhaps a power conditioner could help on that? I have heard conflicting reviews about if one is necessary or not. Considering adding a manual 30 amp transfer...
  10. jbird526


    Performed a search and did not return any results on this Renogy 48V 3500W SOLAR INVERTER CHARGER. Anyone with any experience with this? Had not seen this item before looking at the Renogy site today. Friend is interested in setting up a van with solar (600 watts) , shore power and dc to dc...