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    Replace DALY 250A BMS power cables?

    kinda what i had envisioned, glad it works!
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    Busbars, terminal posts and board spacer

    Salt baking is a great technique to anneal plastic parts. Buuut i feel its just better to use the right material for the application. I am about to whip up some holders myself for a project on my sla printer with some high temp phrozen TR250LV resin.
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    Daly BMS Balancing

    Daly uses JST connectors, from what I've seen the XH style connectors. I've used JSTs in the lab, you need a crimper and pins to go along with the connectors. Check out youtube for some knowledge on why and how they work.
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    Where can I get the Growatt 24V SPF 3000TL LVM – 3kW 120Vac in the US?

    Alibaba ETA 1 Month to Canada. Why give someone else your money just to wait?
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    DIY Battery Handbook Initiative

    im a fan of inline hotlinking. A few places could link to what you referenced. ampacity charts.
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    DIY Battery Handbook Initiative

    May i note that lots of what we do here is based around the laws and fundamentals of dc/ac electricity. amperage/voltage ratings and standards/limitations across the board. You can only teach so much before skill must out run curiosity. I have often found myself not wanting to even give certain...
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    Growatt - Odd behavior

    Like wise. I am just waiting for my copper to show up and ill start my install. ive been staring down my 3000 24v lvm with seething eyes *fingers crossed*
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    Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM 24/48V Manual UPDATED 3.0

    newest manual for Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM 24V/48v LVM. scanned manual.
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    Capacity Testing ET5410 low result?

    believe i found one on alibaba for a touch cheaper. hopefully to have it ordered tomorrow china time. seems to be a reputable seller ill post the link after i make my purchase. also the only reason i feel its slightly cheaper is because of "SuperSeptember" shipping discount. Purchased...
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    Capacity Testing ET5410 low result?

    i am aching to get my hands on a ebca40l those shipping prices though :*(
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    Replace DALY 250A BMS power cables?

    would love to see a photo of your work when you get a chance :)
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    Replace DALY 250A BMS power cables?

    i live in a small forest town where there are plenty of garages and machine shops i am lucky i guess..... someone posted a ampacity bus bar reference chart in the resources section.
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    Replace DALY 250A BMS power cables?

    I've mildly considered this for the future of my project. I figured getting new plates machined for the ports and then attach new leads with an appropriate sized 2/0 lug.
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    Tell Growatt not to use utility for all output?

    that is very odd. i am getting the same unit very shortly. i will be using a 24v 280ah lifepo4 battery though.
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    To Daly or Not, that is the Question!

    cant wait to hear more about your progress. my Daly 250a (i chose the smart unit and a touchscreen)just showed up my cells aren't scheduled until next month at best. I feel by the time I have the cells prepped winter will be here and ill just end up putting them aside and wanting to buy more for...
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    To Daly or Not, that is the Question!

    I am about to build a 24v 280ah battery myself. Ive been on the fence not sure if i want to get a chargery unit or a Daly.