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  1. jameshowison

    Ok to attach more than one cable per stud in Lynx busbar?

    I'm confused about whether it's ok to attach more than one wire to each stud in the Lynx busbar? There seem to be "wire separator" pieces of plastic (which the manual talks about removing). Seems the general position on this is "try not to have too many on a single stud, definitely not more...
  2. jameshowison

    Why fuse SCC wire at "far" end?

    In all the diagrams I see the fuse to protect the wire connecting a busbar and the solar charge controller (SCC, MPPT etc) is at the busbar end of the wire, not near the SCC. Given that the power flows from the SCC to the busbar, it seems odd to me that the fuse is at the "far" end. I'm not...
  3. jameshowison

    Question about battery fusing in Midnite wiring diagrams

    I've been looking at the Midnite solar wiring diagrams, such as this one: The confusing thing is that they don't seem to include the equivalent of a Class T fuse on the battery positive. I see that in almost every other wiring...
  4. jameshowison

    Battery disconnect for nominal 48v systems?

    Setting up a 48v nominal system. Two 48v batteries in parallel, the Jakiper server rack batteries. Each has a circuit breaker disconnect on the battery. Most schematics also feature a main battery disconnect right at the positive busbar, using the red disconnects from Blue Sea. I would just...
  5. jameshowison

    Fuse and distribution for 48v loads (inc 48-12 converter)

    I am planning a 48v battery system that includes a few 48v loads. I'm trying to understand the options for fuse to protect the wires to the 48v loads. The loads are: 1. 48v-12v 30amp Orion converter (draws 10amp at 48v) 2. A 48v HVAC system (draws max 30amp at 48v) 3. Possibly a 48v hot water...
  6. jameshowison

    Charging 48v with small arrays/100 VoC MPPT

    I'm planning a 48v system for a travel trailer. I'm trying to figure out the arrangement so that I can purchase the MPPT solar charge controllers. My understanding is that I need to design the voltage on the solar to two numbers. The minimum is sufficient to charge a 48v battery. The maximum...
  7. jameshowison

    Shore power for DC Air conditioner (or other constant DC loads)?

    I'm looking at an RV build with a DC powered air conditioner (48v Hotspot), but I think the question is relevant for the 12v DC powered air conditioners as well, or any constant draw DC load. Often we will be connected to shore power (think 30amp 120v). For the sake of argument let's discuss a...
  8. jameshowison

    48vdc output from solar generator?

    Is there any hope for 48vdc output from the "solar generators" (e.g., Bluetti)? I think they have 48v batteries internally but only provide 120AC and 12vdc output. A weird ask but intended application would be powering the Hotspot 48vdc mini-split heat pump, which takes 48v directly.
  9. jameshowison

    120v charging for 48v system?

    Hopefully a simple question, I'm just getting started :) I'm considering a 48v system for an RV. Primary need for 48v is to run the Hotspot heat-pump (which runs directly off 48v). I would also like to be able to charge batteries from 120v connections (regular 15amp plugs, and very often...
  10. jameshowison

    Charge from 30amp or 50amp RV circuits?

    A general question. When designing vehicle mounted systems in North America do people have to choose between 30amp 120v (ie the TT-30 plug) or the 50amp split-phase 240 (ie the NEMA 14-50 plug)? Many of the all-in-one inverter chargers appear not to accept 120v power for charging, and I saw...