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  1. RCinFLA

    New Active balancer

    If you have not already seen, there is a new BT active balancer that is DC-DC converter to supercap storage similar to the much more expensive unit that has been on market for some time. It allows balancing to be restricted to near top end of charging so it avoids most of the cell overvoltage...
  2. RCinFLA

    Another 420 AH battery capacity test.

    'Offgrid Van Life' just release his final of three Youtube videos on his testing of the 420 AH cells. Same physical size as the 280 AH cells. The weight was actually a little less at 5.1x Kgs. The final numbers on four cells ranged from 240 AH to 244 AH. Surprise, Surprise. He jokingly...
  3. RCinFLA

    Extra current for top balancing

    I can recommend a relatively inexpense buck converter to triple your output current from a typical 30v 5 amp power supply for LFP top balancing. You can even use an old computer power supply 12v output to feed the buck converter. The buck converter is SZBK07 based on LM25116 synchronous buck...
  4. RCinFLA

    Li-Ion battery SEI layer, the critical process step in fabrication of Li-Ion batteries.

    A very critical process step in the fabrication of lithum Ion chemistry batteries, including LiFePO4 battery, is the initial formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interface (SEI) layer. It is crucial in protecting electrolyte from chemical decomposition facilitating long cycle life of battery...
  5. RCinFLA

    One of best 'everything you ever wanted to know' about cabling document