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    FS: Jinko 400w split cell Panel (1)

    I purchased 25 panels but only installed 24. These are B grade panels but are still rated for 400w. Model isJKM400M-72HL believe but will have to double check. I've been using the panels on my home in Las Vegas for almost a year and they are solid performing panels. There is blemish on the glass...
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    Installing on their side?

    I've got 8 105ah cells for an 8s 24V pack that I want to install for a portable rig. I've got a box that is compact but I think it might involve installing the cells on their side for the best position. I'm pretty sure this is NOT a recommended method. Any feedback?
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    Copper Bus Bar calculations per mm2?

    What is everyone using to calculate their bus bar current rating? I've always heard that 1.6 X mm2 of the bus bar, but I've been reading that that might be too generous. Some say 1.5 others say only 1.2. Curious what everyone does. For example 1/4in x 3/4in thick which is 6.35mmx19.05mm =...
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    Lishen 272AH thread?

    It looks like a lot of sellers are now going to be replacing their EVE listings with Lishen. I've asked Emily from Shenzhen Basen Technology for spec sheets on them so they can compare to EVE. I'm mainly curious about the mounting threads. I've seen some other aluminum cased cells with odd...
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    NMEA battery boxes for lifepo4 prismatic cells? 32 eve 280ah cells

    I'm considering buying 32 EVE 280ah cells for battery storage for my solar install in Las Vegas. NV Energy will provide up to $3000 if I switch to TOU and $1500 if I stay on a normal rate. I'm consider switching to TOU and sell back to the grid from the battery at the higher rate and recharge...