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    Maybe now that CNN is finally saying it, the lefties will finally listen

    "People with obesity are 46% more at risk of getting Covid-19, according to a study from August. It found that they are also more at risk of getting really sick, facing a 113% higher chance of being hospitalized, a 74% higher risk of needing to be treated in the ICU and -- perhaps most troubling...
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    Japan’s SUPERB vaccine ethics…USA, Europe, Oz Governments: please TAKE NOTE

    Japan has had the lowest rates of covid infection, hospitalization and death, anywhere. Here is why IMO: Honesty.
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    Natural immunity vs Vaccinated immunity

    Linked to the summary:
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    Battery heater sketch. Please give feed back.

    I live in Canada and the truck will sit for weeks at a time in the winter not being used so heating the battery constantly doesn't make sense. As such there is a lot more power required to recover than would normally be required to simply maintain because the battery will have to be pulled up...
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    Very well done study on myocarditis shows very high rates.

    Very well done study presented very well: Its only 8 minutes and 18 seconds long. If you dont have the attention span to make it all the way through please stay out of the thread.
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    Possible increase of heart attack risk after mRNA vaccine.

    Video is linked to the findings of the study but that is not the whole story. You need to actually watch the whole video or do more research before you rush around ringing the alarm bell and spreading this sound bite.
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    Electrodacus: are my expectations unreasonable?

    Im a bit on the OCD side and I like things to work well, as defined by me. I decided to go with an electrodacus bms for several reasons but I did like the fact that it wasnt mass produced and made in North America. Long story short, the individual cell voltages are not as accurate as I though...
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    Self improvement

    There are a few people on here I have encountered that really seem to be interested in living the best life they can with the information they have available. Tom Bilyeu, Jordan Peterson, Jeff Volek, Stephen Phinney, Mark Sisson and several others have all changed my direction. Please share yours!
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    How close can bare copper bus bars be (12v)

    I am using 1.5"x1/4" copper flat bar for a portion of the system. This portion of the system will supply about 600 amps to a winch. There are 2 BP220 that will share the load. The picture below is obviously of one but the flat bar will run across both of them in this direction. The right side...
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    Don't like Mod's editing threads. Edit: This topic not started by me. Topic created by moderator and my post moved to it.

    I agree 100% with all of this. The problem with editing a post is that you are now putting words in someone's mouth. One of my posts was edited and the edit made me look like a moron and unable to spell instead of mildly abrasive, which is exactly what I was trying to be. I ended up going back...
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    Is anyone traveling to Alberta in the next month?

    Shipping UPS from the US is horrible. They have several charges they hit you with to get your items across the border (based on the value of the items) and you end up paying 50% more by the time it is at your door step. Before the border closed I would ship everything to a mail box just on the...
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    phishing email that looks like its from DIY Solar power forum

    Copy and paste from my email. I have deleted "93" from the end of the link below so it should not go anywhere. Not super impressed that someone was able to get my email from the forum Click here for the accessible version Reply Reply All Forward Delete More aunaya50 started a...
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    Popping a 5000A Fuse

    Not mine to show and tell but didnt know where else to put it.
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    1997 Isuzu NPR build

    Started building this truck a while ago. I had asked a few questions on here in regards to it but figured Id consolidate everything into a build thread. The truck started out like this when I picked it up in California. After getting it back home to Calgary Alberta it now looks like this...
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    Longer bus bar or more bolted connections?

    There are two different arrangements I have settled on for laying out all the components from the battery to the loads. One arrangement has twice as many connections but about half as much bus bar required. The other has almost twice as much bus bar but half as many connections. Ignore...
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    Winch power

    Need some advice. I am building a truck, intended purpose is hard off-roading. It has a very small low profile living/storage/systems area. I have been trying to educate myself but to be honest the amount of knowledge you have to have to make good choices and find the right suppliers/products...