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  1. Petrol Head

    Connection/Protection ?

    Advice please, I'm confused about what I need to connect up the system & what protection I need, hopefully connect & protect via a single unit, fused busbar ? Hopefully all the info needed is in the diagram, sorry if this has been asked before but I can't find anything. Edit : 12 volt.
  2. Petrol Head

    Backup system planning

    Hi all, how do I go about planning a solar system to use as a back up for the freezer in the UK ? I have 880w in solar panel potential, 3x 260w & 1x 100w, hopefully 2 more 260w on the way giving 1.4kw. I also have an inverter 2000w PSW. I will buy the battery bank needed, that's the bit I'm...
  3. Petrol Head

    Hi from the UK

    Hi, looking to set up a home system as a back up.