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    What is this connector for "FETSW"

    I took apart a JBD non-smart BMS too take a peek at the guts. Any clue what the FETSW connector is for?
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    Cycle a 48v LFE with a 100w Incandescent 110v light bulb?

    I bought one of those 48v LFE batteries with dead cells from BH, I need to cycle the battery but I don't have any 48v inverter. Could I use a regular 110v 100w table lamp with an old style incandescent bulb to discharge it?
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    54v 1kw Power Supplies

    Early in the year you guys helped me out in picking PS etc. In a thread someone mentioned Cisco routers etc using high voltage power supplies. He posted a link to one on ebay, I bought one. Well this PS is BIG and loud. Not dinging the suggestion, I might use it someday for Induction coil...
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    Peak hour Grid - All-in-One which one?

    Michigan started new PEAK hour rate for summer months. Which all-in-one do you recommend for: 1. Peak time - help the GRID with both SOLAR and BATT, so I need the timed UPS feature 2. Need to able to set priority to GRID > Batt etc : Timed, I need to able to set priority to batt during peak...
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    8 x 280ah LIFEPO4 wanted

    Gobi von west Michigan needs 8 pieces of 280 ah (ish) cells, I am Grand Rapids, willing to drive, ebike, walk.... Wanted to buy - 8 x 280ah cells
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    48v littokala battery using 105ah Prismatic cells

    48v - I am digging it for my solar solution, I am looking at 48v components. First was LIFEPO4 prismatic cells. 280ah - is just too big, too much space needed for my little tiny ranch. I already have 4 littokala 100ah prismatic cells, so I went on Aliexpress to look for what they have and I...
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    Xiaomi 365 - GW52 Battery BMS reset?

    I picked up a used Xiaomi scooter, confident with the knowledge I gained here, I dug deep into the heart of the unit. Removed the battery (10s3p) with a old school BMS on top. No voltage at xt60 discharge port, 5v at charge port First charged the battery using my benchtop PS, I had to put it...
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    Stinky LIFEPO4 prismatic cells

    I bought a 48v battery made of 27ah prismatic LIFEPO4 cells, I opened up the metal case and this sucker is stinky, pungent. I looked for leaks and I don't see any. I have a bunch of other prismatic cells and none of them are stinky. what gives?
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    West Michigan - Santan Solar Group Buy

    Boyz et Girlz, I looking at the uber juicy prices at Santan Solar for their panels, I am in West Michigan in Grand Rapids. Anyone nearby or close want to get into a group buy to share the shipping cost for a pallet or 2?
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    How to open Lipo Motorcycle battey

    Good Morning, I bought a few of these dead motorcycle batteries off BH. I want to TRY to reuse the plastic cases. How do I go about attempting to open the top with the least amount of damage? It seems they have some sort of glue applied. Heat?
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    Scooter smaller battery pack - hack/wakeup - Possible? This pack is from the scooter handle bar stem, Does this have a built in BMS? Can I wake this up? I hate to take it apart, it would be nice to use it as is. I looked on the interweb and could...
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    Insulator for Ring connectors bolted together

    Batt > BMS Wire with RING connector > bolted to another wire What is out there to insulate this connection? ebikes use this but it has spots for 3 connections This is what I need to insulate:
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    OKAI Battery BMS - Arduino Controller Nano vs Pro Mini

    Guten Tag von Michigan! Calling Arduino gurus, I picked up some of Jehu's OKAI scooter batteries, 36v with the funky BMS that can be turned on using an Arduino, in the link he has Arduino Pro Mini that he sells, that has the program loaded to send the 5 byte keep alive signal. I have a few...
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    3.7v to 12v boost converter

    I need a 3.7v to 12 boost converter, preferably the sealed waterproof enclosures. Any one find one?
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    Electric Off-Road vehicle

    I am pretty impressed with the e-bikes and motos. Off Road Electric vehicles, Anyone care to share their experience pls. I have seen em on Alibaba, I want to pick one up for my kids ;-).
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    Source for Grade B cells - 280ah

    Has anyone bought Grade B cells recently? Is the price difference worth the lesser rating? Please share what you found.
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    Xantrex Prosine 2.0 - use as a LiFEPO4 Charger

    I picked this up from a buddy un-used in box from many years back. He bought it off an ebay outlet selling the Xantrex Refurb units around 10 years back. I will probably have to pay him in smoked fish for the unit. Going through the manual (holi moli, that thing is thicker than my 400/800...
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    Solid State, Tesla New Cells and Used Lithium - Future + Prices

    Personally, I avoided Li for years cuz of the $$$ associated with them. Last year, I was introduced to the 280AH EVE cells. Given the price tag of EVE 280AH cells ($110/cell with shipping to US) and the price of LittoKala 100AH 4 cells off Aliexpress, I am amazed at the prices of used...
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    Shipping LIFEPO4 cells - Which carrier?

    I wanted to send 4 lifepo4 topband cells to my buddy in AZ. Any suggestions on carrier I should use? How should it be packaged?
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    Daly BMS off Amazon - Returns

    I bought a few BMSs from Daly (seller) off Amazon. Order 1 - BMS did not work out of the box Order 2 - 2 LIFEPO4 100A BMS ordered, they sent me LI-ION BMS, first I thought I had a brain flip and bought the wrong item, nope, lifepo4. So, anyone done returns with Daly bought via Amazon? who pays...
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    Name that connector - Molex

    A/C connector, looks like a molex of some sort, any idea what is this? [Mole, molee, molo - Austin Powers]
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    Ramen Budget - LiPo/LiFe Charging Solutions

    Good Morning from Sunny Balmy West Michigan! In a previous thread someone mentioned HP server PS as being a cheap source of mega amps/watts. I will list a few I found that worked with minimal work. The PS alone is not the complete solution, I need a BUCK/BOOST CC CV converter to make use of...
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    Diesel truck needs solar charging love - help me with a minimalist system for batt charging

    Guten Morgen von Sunny/Balmy West Michigan, It was -5F yesterday and today I woke up to 11F. We got a bunch of snow and I had to move my Diesel for the plow trucks, and I remote started it, I could hear the batts struggling a bit. System: Chevy Duramax Diesel with 2 x Costco 34 flooded lead...
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    BMS - does it see TOTAL voltage?

    I was peeking at some battery porn at BH ;-) BH has this Samsung 48 volt module that uses a 15s BMS but has only 13s hooked up, 1. BMS design allows this? 2. BH mentioned higher cut off voltage due to the fact 13s leads are hooked up on a 15s BMS 3. Do a BMS actually see the total voltage? Or...
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    My 1 Awg wire using 10 Awg

    This morning I wanted to see how my hydro crimper works on 1/0 lugs. I was playing the 1/0 wire and it was more stubborn than my youngest. so I opted to cut 8 strands of 10 awg wires and use a 1/0 lug [all ancor marine grade] and crimped it. I had to tape them tight to keep them even prior to...
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    Amp Hour meter - bidirectional with persistence/memory

    I see BT24 meter are bidirectional, but this one needs an external PS What are the options for a bidirectional Amp Hour Meter that will keep the number in memory if disconnected?
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    PowerMax PM3-55LK 12 Volt, 55 Amp Converter/Charger - Gobi Review

    PowerMax PM3-55LK 12 Volt, 55 Amp Converter/Charger I bought this from DonRowe, promptly shipped and they had the best price. Reason I bought it - After some adult beverages, the 55 amp charge current and ability to adjust charging voltage looked very attractive. Additional justification -...
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    EVE 280ah Cell Storage SOC

    Morning from Sunny Balmy West Michigan, I test my EVE 280ah cells and I got 272ah out of them 4s1p config before I was too sleepy and stopped. I charged them and added back 100ah, I am guessing I am at 110 ah give or take a few amp hours. Is this SOC 110/280 = 40% approx good for storage...
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    Material as insulator between 280ah EVE cells

    I received my EVE cells, 7 cells at 3.30 v 1 cell at 3.29 v 1 cell had a deep dimple damage, I contacted Xuba, no response yet. I am going to tape the cells in a 4s1p config, What can I use as insulator in between the cells? I have some thin cutting boards from the dollar store, but what...
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    XT90 vs Anderson 50

    Coke or Pepsi? nah, neither, ginger ale for moi. But here i am sitting with Anderson 50 and XT90 connector and which one would you pick?
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    6061 Aluminum for 280ah EVE cells - how chunky should I go?

    I want to make a base for my EVE 280 ah cells and side plates to compress them somewhat, Base - instead of a piece of plywood I want to use a piece of 6061 Aluminum stock, and then have 2 straps and be able to the 4 cell battery like a big IKEA bag [along with my 80's boom box on my shoulder)...
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    Topband Navitas Prismatic at BH

    I bought a few of these cells BH is carrying: Topband Navitas Prismatic $12.50 for 25ah - on par with LitoKala 100ah cells. NEW 3.2v 25ah Lifepo4 Here is the link I see these have 3C...
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    Enhancing heat dissipation

    I have been playing with buck/boost converters. Most of these either come with a little heat sink or no heat sink, Here is one without a heat sink, and one like this one with a heat sink but no fan The items have a statement to "Enhance heat dissipation" So this would mean: 1. Add heat...
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    Aliexpress - Riden 6018w ordered - Received under clothing

    Good Morning from Sunny and Balmy West MI, [Not sure if this is the correct sub forum, mods pls move as needed] I ordered Riden 6018w from Aliexpress's RD Official Store right around Christmas. Sat day I received a small envelope with a very transparent tiny ladies underwear. Not sure if I can...
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    JST - connections for BMS, Cellmonitor, ISDT - confused

    What connections is used by: 1. Daly BMS? 2. Cellmeter capacity module 3. ISDT BG-8S Are there adapters to connect a BMS wire to a ISDT-8S?