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    Renogy Devices and Raspberry Pi - bluetooth/WiFi

    Hi, I'm looking for the ability of my Renogy Bluetooth devices (via BT-1 and BT-2 modules) to connect to a raspberry pi and log the data, and thus have a wifi connection to view my devices when I'm not in Bluetooth range I found this, which is great, seems to only support the Rover (not...
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    Solar panel diode tests

    Hi, I wanted to do a solar panel diode test, not because I have a problem, but just because I wanted to see the health of my panels. So I have 4x100 watt panels mounted on on a roof. The panels have the same specs, and are the same Vmp = 18V Imp = 5.5A Voc = 21.85V Short Circuit = 6.03A but...
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    New Renogy LFP battery with built-in BT, prismatic cells

    anybody got any of these 2 new Renogy LFP batteries with built-in Bluetooth and prismatic cells (100 or 200 ah)? SKU: RBT100LFP12-BT-US
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    Renogy 1000W Sine Wave Inverter with Power Saving Eco Mode - Problem

    Hi, I've been asking around about this, but haven't confirmed with anyone else about a small problem that I'm with my Renogy 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Power Saving Eco Mode (or the PHG1) Inverter works fine, no problem in normal mode, however, in Eco mode I keep getting fault alarms...
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    Adding 2 more panel, 400 watts total, 100 amp hr battery

    Hi, I have this system, 12v 100 amp hr Renogy Smart Li batt with self heating Renogy 40 amp MPPT Li charge controller Renogy 1000w Pure sign wave inverter 2 x 100 watts NOMA solar panels The 2 panels are connected in parallel (want more amps, with voltage the same) I can get 2 more of the...
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    Renogy Smart Lithium Battery with Self-heating

    Hi, Looking for experience and knowledge about using self-heating LiFeP batteries in the winter (for my shed). Could somebody explain to me how well these self-heating batteries work in Canadian winters where temps can go as low as -35oC at night and stay below 0oC for months. My solar system...