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    Panel Tilt: Any Benefit to 8° West?

    Oh, the sunshine state. So the overpaneling makes less sense. Or cents.
  2. curiouscarbon

    Over-paneling Victron MPPT controllers.

    time-offset overpaneling as @Hedges mentioned seems pretty clever to me. if i lived in a cylindrical roof building like barracks then maybe i could overpanel by having a continuous curve and maximize overpaneling and minimize SCC wear and tear 🤔 then the strings would operate at the SCC max...
  3. K

    Growatt 12k unboxing

    It would be better to add charge controllers than overpaneling to much, I stopped at 18 500w panels for each inverter / charge controller.
  4. mike95490

    Exceeding voltage or amps on SCC

    Overpaneling generally means higher wattage, not higher voltage, which is deadly to charge controllers Better controllers have output limiting and thermal foldback to keep the controller healthy when overpaneled.
  5. W

    I Flipped the Switch on my Over Paneled MN Classic & Array Upgrade Today

    I guess I did :LOL: I'd definitely save up for a second MPPT. You could probably get away with a smaller second MPPT if you ran 3s4p on the Classic, a much more moderate overpaneling ratio, but there's no real point if you're looking to add another 150 ;)
  6. Dzl

    Victron 100/30 MPPT voltage for 24v battery

    It is my understanding that Victron permits overpaneling (in terms of Watts) as long as the input voltage and input current spec's are not exceeded. You can read more here:
  7. Supervstech

    multi volt panels ?

    Many microgrid inverters use overpaneling to achieve overall constant charging. They often deal with strings of inverters. With a single panel, the goal is to get as much wattage into the battery as possible, and undersizing a controller won’t do that. It will limit peak charging. And have zero...
  8. W

    battery not charging properly

    ...I grabbed the GPS coordinates slightly south-east of Quebec and threw it into SAM, got this output (raw kWh per month): As you can see, overpaneling the controller gets you a lot more power, with everything else being equal. You'll get somewhere between the 4x320 and 4x400 in practice with...
  9. chrisski

    Over-paneling Victron MPPT controllers.

    Have you had success with a SCC in overpaneling?
  10. S

    anyone wanna help me convert my 12v diagram to 24?

    it doesn't appear to mention overpaneling on the .pdf i found so 4 sets of 3 in series on one epever may be out.
  11. Rednecktek

    12 v ???

    ...panels for a 12v system. The VoC on the panels gives you the choice of parallel or series, whichever works best for you. You'll be limited to 780w of panel input on a 12v system though so 2 panels is about all you can use without planning angles and overpaneling. Is This the Link to the...
  12. Lt.Dan

    MPP Solar Inverter - Oversize the Solar?

    To an extent. Consult the manual or manufacturer for the specs of overpaneling.
  13. Maast

    Over-paneling Victron MPPT controllers.

    You might want to add something like: When overpaneling, since unused power from a panel raises the input voltage if you hit the maximum input power limit the panel voltage will start rising towards their VOC voltage. Or words to that effect.
  14. FilterGuy

    Over-paneling Victron MPPT controllers.

    Yes, I have overpaneled Victron 75/15s. At the time I did not even look at Isc but the system worked fine.
  15. S

    Growatt 3000/24 issues

    No problem.
  16. Hedges

    Something I built DIY back in 2000, on my house and it shows

    Instead of 20 or 30 kWh more battery, how much more PV would be needed to accomplish the same goal? Just overpaneling - you have enough SCC already. (What we really need is a way to turn surplus electricity into fuel we can store in a tank.)
  17. mikefitz

    Calculating panel load for pwm controller

    Correct, provided the voltage and current maximum specified values are not exceeded, 100 volts and 30 amps for the Victron 100/30 Mike
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    Solar generators

    Not really. 700W max is the max. The overpaneling will just increase potential on dismal cloudy days or give at tad more potential at sunup and sundown.
  19. S

    Have panels, need controller help

    ...if everyone can just use ohms law? I definitely want to buy the right equipment to utilize my panels to their fullest, and I don’t want to overspend. But I do plan on making my rack tiltable so that I can maximize my Solar potential, so I will get a 60. BTW, what is overpaneling exactly?
  20. J

    Growatt 3000/24 issues

    I've been running this model since January with zero issues, the over panelling isn't an issue as the inverter allows you to limit the maximum power the inverter pulls from the panels. Remember that solar panels don't push energy the way a battery does. (All or nothing) The inverter takes what...
  21. Bluedog225

    Calculating panel load for pwm controller

    I’ve reached out to BB customer support to reconfirm this controller. I was thinking cheap and easy was the way to go. But upgrading my choice to the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 might be a better choice. And if I understand correctly, some overpaneling would not be a concern with the MPPT controller.
  22. MrM1

    Outback Radian 8kW or MPP Solar pair for 13kW?

    My production for Oct in N central FL with my 2565w array. One 0 day system was off. One 0 day I reset it (was actually a 10kWh day). I will be Overpaneling my midnite Classic 150 in the next few weeks. I will double the array size to 5175w
  23. AlbaCORPS

    Growatt 12k unboxing

    So from the responses you got, you can in essence run up to 14kW as long as its 7kW per array input ?
  24. sunshine_eggo

    Victron 100/30 MPPT voltage for 24v battery

    ...It's "Nominal" power. Not Max. He's under 100Voc He's under 35A max PV input current Here's what Victron says about overpaneling: It's fine to be conservative...
  25. D

    Solar generators

    I think that any over voltage can go through the inverter and be used off of the plugs. Think the 700W is limited to what the battery can be charged at.
  26. G

    Overpaneling generic questions

    Ok, good. Only exceeding watts input is involved in overpaneling, and its "actual" watts, and not just "spec'd" watts that is called "overpaneling", right? Your term "valve." My term "limiter" that keeps excess panel watts from coming in. Does anyone know which major brands/models have a...
  27. MrM1

    Growatt 12k unboxing

    Sorry I was editing and you might have missed the 2nd part of my question How much over panel did you do? 500x18 for the total (4500w on each PV input), OR 9000w on each input for a total of 18000w
  28. R

    Do NOT discard a Dead Victron MPPT 100/30 or its kind

    When you guys are talking about "overpaneling" in this context, do you mean adding solar array capacity that exceeds the maximum input short circuit current rating of the charge controller (the Isc rating)?? Or just configuring an array whose maximum output exceeds the maximum charging power...
  29. chrisski

    Victron SCC odd behavior, scratching my head

    ...probably the BMS, but of courrse this tiny Daly BMS has no way to monitor. With my SCC I am overpaneled for the 360 watt SCC with 600 watts of panels, so perhaps in my case, this overpaneling is causing an SCC to shutdown. A little overpaneling is OK, but I’m a bit more than a little...
  30. J

    Epever is money down the drain.

    They have an 'IT' series now that's like 'BN' with the fins, but goes to 60A. I have only found it for sale on Alibaba so far. BTW, the other reason to prefer BN or IT is that it supports way more overpaneling than AN.
  31. J

    Solar panel setup opinions/advice wanted…

    I would love for that to be possible… but I fear the 520W is the maximum input, not max delivery…
  32. G

    Overpaneling generic questions

    There are several model specific questions discussed about "over-paneling", but I have several general questions: First to lay out my limited understanding: I understand over-paneling is when either the spec'd max. voltage or wattage of the panels is greater than the max. input voltage...
  33. Hedges

    Kit ?

    A bit more than just extra panels needed. We do agree overpaneling is good. Thinking is cheap and effective, yields a system that does more. And avoids owning albatrosses. Surge current to start motor loads is one key thing to consider. Steady-state current draw is another. Picking which loads...
  34. S

    Can a fully programable PWM charge controller safely charge a Lifepo4 Battery?

    This does not agree with my observations using multiple PWMs and overpaneling. I fixed it in my system. " the battery voltage does not rise to the panel voltage." I still can not exclude this as a possible cause of unexplained fires, along with dendrites, etc, in lithium battery packs specially...
  35. S

    Just ordered my first system: Now to the math

    Well I've got 8 panels coming in, you think I can only use 6 of them?