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    16 cell 12v battery. What is the best configuration?

    My plans changed for some cells I have and I’d like to put them into my rv. I’d rather not go 24v right now and stay with 12v. That said I have 16 90ah cells and 4 bms’s on hand. I won’t exceed the current draw even for one bms so there’s multiple ways I could go. My first thought is just make 4...
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    Best 2000 watt pure sign wave inverter under $400

    Looking for what people would recommend My max usage will be around 1400 watts (for 30 minutes) I figure I should get a 2000 watt inverter for some wiggle room. Here's what I have for a list...
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    Is this cell bad?

    Got this eve 280ah cell and it looks punctured where the screw goes. Second picture is of one of the other cells
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    Fedex help

    Anyone have suggestions on the next course of actions or who I should contact? So I ordered some batteries from china. It was coming in two packages. Once it hit the states Fedex says they re-labeled my box claiming " Barcode label unreadable and replaced". Well one of the boxes I received was...
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    Xuba 12v 280ah build

    My cells and bms took the same time to get to me about 2 months total. Cells all were packed well and arrived with no issues. I ordered double buss bars for my build. First top charged all the cells. The pack took 56 ah to go from 3.35v to 3.6. I then connected in series, taped them up and...
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    Custom battery box design

    Started working on a design for a custom battery box to fit my needs. The goal will be to 3d print the final parts. I will be using it in a mobile application and being it can get very cold where I'm at I plan to have both active cooling and heating of the battery. I don't have my cells yet so i...
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    AC-DC Lifepo4 charger reccomendation?

    I do a lot of off grid winter camping in my trailer (ice fishing). My ultimate goal is to add solar panels but being we don't have a ton of sunlight in the winter I would like to get a nice 12v-40 to 50amp charger for my DIY Lithium battery (12v / 280 ah) so I can charge off of my generator...