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    Low Temp Protection EPever

    I got working once and now with another one of same unit xtra 30A it is not. What can I check or do? if you can see picture attached. it says -6 degrees and the batt light is still green and charging from panels.
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    Is there any liquid inside lifepo4 cell?

    I hear liquid gargling noise when tilting the cell. is this normal???
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    EPever Xtra

    I see that most posts talk about tracer and I have got xtra model. It says in the manual that Lifepo4 is supported when you select Sealed as I understood. Here is attached snapshot of the manual. Here is link to the manual:
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    Amp load per cell that are in series

    Hi, I want to make sure that I am not exceeding the C rating of my lifepo4 20AH batteries. I have 4S config and the inverter was pulling 40A . does that mean it is 10A per cell which is 0.5C in my case?
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    New offering true Grade A EVE 280ah? 118usd

    Hi, This vendor Shenzhen Luyuan Technology Is saying that they are ordering new true grade A 280ah directly from EVE for 118usd/pcs. They also sell grade B 280ah for around 84usd/pcs Anyone has ordered those 118usd? how can we tell if they are truly grade A if grade B is also pulling full...
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    Anyone got DAP shipping instead of DDP ?

    Xuba has been avoiding and ignoring my questions about the VAT amount that I pay through them. Is there any seller that ships DAP so I could handle the customs and VAT myself?
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    Why do we use avg power when sizing inverter?

    The internet is full of this statement and example (also in Will videos): "Watt is instantaneous power. 1000W load running for one hour is 1kWh. " So that means if all your loads sum up to 1000W then you need at least 1000W inverter. All of this does not make sense to me. If a device has rating...
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    Little confusion about panel tilt

    Hi, I am at 60 degrees altitude. I have checked that sun elevation during summer is around 40-50 degrees. So I thought if I want to have some days with 90degree angle between sun rays and my panels then I have to tilt them 40 degrees. I got this by ( 180 minus sun angle 50, minus 90 to be...
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    How bad shipping could effect solar panel?

    Hi, I have ordered 4 panels each are 60cells 1.5*1 meters. Together with around 50Kg of batteries and MPPT chargers. Unfortunately, they have put the heavy box on top of the middle of the solar panels and they have travelled over many countries via sea and road. So that 50Kg have been bouncing...
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    Developing own BMS

    Hi! I am happy that I have joined the forum, I have been reading around and posted few questions. Very nice and friendly people! I am building my own off-grid cottage. I have good software background and I am planning to develop my own BMS ( I will happily share it when it is working) I have...
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    Bench power supply to simulate solar panel

    Hi, I would like to simulate a 60cells panel. I have found "PROGRAMMABLE POWER SUPPLY 0-60V/0-3A 180W " for 200usd. Can I simply plug it to the MPPT SCC if it is within the voltage specs?
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    Connecting two MPPT DC output in series

    Hi, Is it possible? Both MPPTs are connected to the same 24v battery. I assume that the DC output is 24v too. I would like to connected the DC outputs from the MPPT together in series to get 48v wires to hook up a water heater element. I am not taking it directly from the battery because 24v...