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    Tesla solar panels with “other” battery?

    Is it possible to use other batteries with Tesla solar systems? Can a deep cycle marine battery be used in conjunction with Tesla Solar? If so, configuration needed? Steps needed? Or is it just plug and play? Side note-Does anyone know how to setup a mobile backup battery and charger for...
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    Need input

    If I was to say to you the following would I be correct in my plan? I live in San Diego Ca in a 1400 sqft home by myself. I would like a 6.5kw off grid solar system. If I bought this All in one LV6548 6.5KW – 120v Solar inverter 8kW -2 x 4kW 250V MPPT BMS UL1741 compliant=>$1400.00 Then I...
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    Does this setup sound correct?

    If I need 4.8 kw to power my home on average would following setup sound correct and what else would I need? 1-Growatt 48V 6000T 6kW Split Phase 120V/240V output (50A at 120V ,25A at 240V) 1300.00USD 2-4 of these: 12V 200Ah Lithium Iron LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery, Built-in 100A BMS, 2000+...
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    Need help

    Guys I have theee main questions. Is the 24 v system he has on this site only for mobile or can it be suitable for a small home? I wasn’t clear how many solar panels do I need for this 24v system? I believe it’s a 2000w setup so does that mean i can and should I get up to 2000w solar panels? And...
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    Need help buying equipment

    I’ll be quick as possible. I’m an idiot I live alone with my pets in a 1300 sqft house in San Diego California. I can build stuff I can put together things I have some tools that part is not the problem it’s the part using your brain that’s the problem for me. I really don’t use much of my...