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    EVE Official alibaba store?

    So this allegedly official eve store on Alibaba, EveBatteryGlobal, I mean without bashing it or anything but a healthy dose of "wtf is this?" I am trying hard to make sense of the product lines they offer, you know like something one could easily identify, sort cells per AH rating. The...
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    BYD Lifepo4 260Ah assembled and with BMS at $1300usd? rly?

    This is catching my attention. Shopee. ฿41,880 price Thai Baht BYD Lifepo4 260Ah assembled bank. What is the catch?
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    Lifepo4 from US warehouse a myth?

    Just want to check is anyone knows of such a thing. Free shipping - that is surely a myth or at least a unicorn, with the weigh of these things, right? What are the current suppliers that have USA based warehouses? 200-280Ah cells.