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    Aptos Solar Tech. Anybody with knowledge?

    Found a deal for Aptos 400 watt DNA-144 local but a quick search here produced zero results. $250 a panel seems like a good price. Anyone have info on these? Thanks.
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    Trina 410w TSM-410-DE15H(II) Solar Panels - Tampa FL Area

    Did you follow through with this purchase? Interested in 2
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    500 Watt Solar panels in the US?

    Hoping to locate 500 Watt Panels in the US. If not, looking for the best 400 Watt Panels. Does anybody have a lead for these? Thanks.
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    Which panels should I buy?

    I'm going to fabricate an aluminum tilting rack for my MH. Due to certain aesthetic aspects, and space, I'd like to keep it in a specific measuring area. What I have to work with is 51"(4'3") X 96"(8') give or take only a few inches. Would like to have the best panels I can buy. Ones that...
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    Tesla model s module

    No worries. Very interested.
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    Tesla model s module

    Still have the Tesla? Does it have the Tesla BMS board still connected or something else? What are the specifics of donor vehicle? I'm located in St Pete and could pick up. Thanks