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    Review of EVE LF280 cells from Docan Technology

    As a new person to LiFePO4 cells, I have been visiting this site for a while and learning what I can. I recently saw the forum post by @ghostwriter66 at I decided to give them a try, and contacted @Jenny Wu to...
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    Buying batteries from Aliexpress

    So, I haven't ordered from Aliexpress before, but I was going to take a chance at the 4S LiFePO4 battery linked from When I went to order, I noticed that it was asking for VAT, but I don't live in Europe, I live in the US. I proceeded to place an order anyway, but then...
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    Question about inverter for small air conditioner

    I'm considering running a small 5,000BTU window air conditioner off a 12V inverter connected to a set of batteries. Finding details about LRA without first buying a unit and checking the compressor is an issue. Can someone recommend a 12V inverter that can handle the start up surge and run...
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    Question about new cell testing

    Hi everyone! New here, but have been doing some research into this area for a little while now. I want to pick up a 12v set of LiFePO4 batteries to learn with. From what I have seen, it can be hit or miss with quality, so testing on delivery looks to be critical. My question is, what is the...