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    PWOD Official Store is selling OLD batteries as NEW avoid

    Also bought from this seller, 8 cells Calb SE200Ah. Shipping took almost 5 months, but no taxes. They look like used cells, with scratched and stained terminals. But after capacity testing I got 216Ah. Opened a dispute, got a refund of 2%. Also bought their own brand BMS. Very low quality and...
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    JBD bms enclosure or mounting holes

    I am looking for a way to mount a JBD 8S 100A bms somewhere nearby the batteries. Unlike Daly this bms has no holes for screwing. I don't want to tape it on the batteries. So I was looking for a way to either screw the bms to wood. Or even better to have some sort of enclosure. Anyone...
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    JBD BMS Threaded Cable Connects

    You mean something like these? Would be nice if there is space available to solder these.