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    Jbd Bms Rs485 address - Guru needed - Solar Assistant

    Good point, with bluetooth each JBD should be readable individually. What software or utilities do you use to read the JBDs via bluetooth? Is it the mobile app, or is there something you are running from a computer or Raspberry PI?
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    Jbd Bms Rs485 address - Guru needed - Solar Assistant

    With a protocol such as modbus each device has an address. The read command always contains the address to read from so even if all the devices receive the message, only one will respond. If you look at the JBD read command it doesn't contain a way to specify from which device you want to...
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    Solar Assistant - data logger

    Looks like latest beta can now edit Growatt inverter settings:
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    Sol-Ark - Inverter Monitoring

    If your inverter is reading your battery via the RS485 then yes a splitter won't work for you. Even if the inverter is just set to read from RS485 and you connect SolarAssistant to the port it can't read from it. That leaves you with only one monitoring port, the WiFi/RS232 port. Some of the...
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    Solar remote monitoring using raspberry pi

    @lekeola Which inverter are you monitoring with it?
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    Go Solar Assistant - ver 11-2-21- support for Gyll-EG4 Battery + MORE

    I think there are many now. Some of these links could be helpful:
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    Solar Assistant - data logger

    I would start by ensuring you are on the latest release. The changelog for the latest version lists fixes for both LV/LVX inverters and Solar first mode, both seem like what you are describing:
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    Growatt 6000T - RJ45 to RS485 pinout - Help

    Just found this, not sure if it works. Pin 4 - 9.
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    Growatt 6000T - RJ45 to RS485 pinout - Help

    Did you end up finding the answer here? I'm also interested.
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    Sol-Ark needs a serious Change!

    Yes I still use the inverter CAN port to connect the battery BMS. This is the solar assistant settings pages: If you want to use both the WiFi dongle with Powerview and SolarAssistant at the same time, then you need to connect solar assistant via the RS485 port instead of the WiFi/RS232...
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    Sol-Ark needs a serious Change!

    A really easy way to monitor your Sol-Ark inverter is with solar assistant. I noticed other users on this forum using it, then I installed on a Sol-Ark installation a few weeks ago. It's excellent, gives you Grafana charts, allows inverter setting changes, home assistant integration, etc...
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    New PV Keeper 2.0 for Growatt Inverters

    Do you keep a laptop permanently plugged into the inverter to collect statistics over time with PVKeeper? Or do you go and plug it in when you want to view the inverter, then it has history data?
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    Monitoring data from my MPP LV2424 with Python, MQTT, and InfluxDB

    If you already run solar assistant then getting your data into home assistant is easy:
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    MPP Solar LV6548 APP

    Not completely... I had a pretty legendary Home Assistant inverter monitoring setup with Grafana. For remote access I couldn't do port forwarding due to ISP limitations. I tried the official remote access for Home Assistant called nabu casa which worked great but after trial it's $5 per month. I...
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    Sol-Ark - Inverter Monitoring

    Hi Guys, Sol-Ark is basically exactly the same inverter as Deye and SunSynk, its just different branding/marketing. You can get real time monitoring with this product: I doubt that Sol-Ark has modbus over TCP because I haven't seen that option in solar assistant...
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    Solar Assistant - data logger

    Hi Joe, what exactly do you mean with "have to make SD card bootable before unpacking Solar assist file"? Did it first not boot? and how did you fix it
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    Home Assistant - Solar Monitoring and Management

    I'm also a long time Home Assistant user. I had my inverter, battery, relays, etc. integrated and solar forecasting via SolCast, to predict when my batteries will be fully charged to switch inverter mode: I then discovered SolarAssistant and basically abandoned my whole HomeAssistant setup...
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    MPP Solar All in one remote monitoring

    Hi Guys SolarAssistant is by far the best monitoring I have found for MPP Solar inverters. Unfortunately not free but pretty cheap:
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    Understanding MPP Solar charge settings for LifePO4 batteries

    It asks for username/password. If something doesn't look right in the app I would just email them. Found them pretty responsive in the past
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    MPP Solar + BMS communication/control

    There are a few other options available. Not sure if will work for Heltec comms:
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    Understanding MPP Solar charge settings for LifePO4 batteries

    Hi Darren, a friend of mine emailed them and they offered a trial license. Then we tried it again for another setup and they gave another trial license. I suggest you mail them, the email is at the bottom of their website.
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    Understanding MPP Solar charge settings for LifePO4 batteries

    I have 2x PIP-5048MG with 3x Pylontech US3000. I'm very happy with my setup but if I bought today it would be one of the newer ones like the PIP-MAX or one that has 0ms transfer time with lithium BMS connection support.
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    Understanding MPP Solar charge settings for LifePO4 batteries

    I used ICC previously and converted to solar assistant. Quite an improvement...
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    3rd party/Public PV Monitoring/Data Tracking

    Another option:
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    Battery draw while sufficient solar

    Posting what solar assistant looks like as an alternative to ICC for interest sake:
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    MPP Monitoring Software show and tell. What are you using Watchpower or something else.

    I've used many different solar monitoring solutions including ICC. I would recommend solar assistant. Works great from android/iphone too.
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    MPP solar is Garbage from E bay

    Similar experience for me with solar assistant:
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    Battery Sag and Charge settings help

    Solar assistant also supports victron BMV with similar power grid/battery switching as ICC:
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    Data extraction from inverters

    Looks great. Solar Assistant is not free but it's pretty cheap and includes pre-configured grafana:
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    >>> Battery Management with MPP Hardware and Third-Party BMS

    I can answer this one: 5) I converted from ICC to solar assistant and everything basically worked out of the box. Was overall a better experience:
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    MPP Solar + BMS communication/control

    Hi mrzed001 I previously used ICC and converted to solar assistant. It's overall significantly better including the power management: The cable to the inverter is typically a USB to USB B (printer cable) or for the newer models it's USB...