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    Cutting Edge Power Trailblazer solar generator

    Purchased less than 1 year ago. Works great but I am now upgrading to a 24 volt system. Just needs 12V battery and solar panel(s) and/or wind turbine. Will sell for $700 or best offer. This is what is included showing price I paid: CEP Trailblazer Complete Premium MPPT Solar/Wind Generator...
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    How to connect a Giandel inverter to a Reliance transfer switch

    I am considering purchasing the Giandel 4000W 24 Volt Heavy Duty Pure Sine Wave inverter. The only AC outputs I see are four 120V outlets. I want to connect it to a Reliance Control transfer switch. Assuming that is possible, how would I make the connection??? Would I use one of the AC outlets...
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    Renogy charge controller battery over-voltage alarm

    Renogy Rover 100 charge controller periodically sounds a "battery over-voltage" alarm. While the alarm is sounding, the Renogy BT app displays voltages as high as 17V (for a 12V LiFePO4 battery) and I get the same reading when I use a voltmeter on the battery terminals. But after a few...
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    Anyone have experience with the JITA 12V 300Ah battery

    Does anyone have experienc with this battery from Amazon?: I don't know if I can trust Amazon ratings but in this case they are quite high.
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    Cells physically swelled, popped bus bars - are they fried??

    I purchased 4PCS LiitoKala 3.2V 280Ah lifepo4 battery DIY 12V 280AH rechargeable battery pack for E-scooter RV Solar Energy storage system x2 from Ali Express. Took over 2 months for them to arrive. Configured them in a 12V 4s 2p arrangement with a Daly BMS and am using a Renogy 100 charge...
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    Problem with charging my plug-in hybrid via Sungold 4000w inverter

    I have a Sungold 12v 4000w Pure Sinewave inverter set up and connected to a 12V-560Ah LiFePO4 battery bank that is fully charged to 14.6v. AC 110V output works when I test it with a 1000W hair dryer but the inverter beeps once (red alarm LED turns on briefly) and shuts off when I attempt to...
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    How to find help mounting six solar panels on a steep tile roof

    I need to mount six solar panels on a steep tile roof. Since I do not want to make any holes in the tiles, I am making a DIY version of the Z-Rack system (my job is too small for them). At this point due to a knee injury I am not able to get up on the roof myself though I can supervise the...
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    Charge / discharge monitor advice

    I plan to run a 24V system with two SOK 12V 206AH batteries connected in series. Looking for a reliable charge / discharge monitor that displays % charge level of batteries, battery voltage, available Wh, solar input charge rate (amps), and output load (amps). Anyone familiar with this monitor...
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    Newby would appreciate feedback on proposed set-up

    Mark from El Cerrito CA here. I’m new to off-grid solar. Hoping for some helpful feedback on my planned set-up. My goal is to use solar panels to charge my plug-in hybrid car (26 mile electric range) and to provide emergency back-up power for my house during our frequent California power...