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    Need to quickly Integrate replacement cell in battery bank. Looking for advice.

    I built a 24v battery using eight 3.2v lifepo4 cells for use in a camper van. I top balanced them a few months ago and have been using them under light loads (under 10a) and charging them at a max of 25a. A few days ago I installed a 24v air conditioner in my camper van and tested it out on the...
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    Best way to discharge a cell prior to top balancing?

    I have 8 new cells I am trying to top balance. Long story short I have one cell at 3.50v and the rest are 3.34. What is the best way to discharge the one cell down to 3.34 so I can start to top balance them safely? Would connecting an incandescent lightbulb to use as a resistor on the cell...
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    Top Balancing Batteries - Amp Meter Shows Negative on Red (+)

    I am top balancing 4 380AH EVE cells using a Constant Voltage of 3.65. When I measure the amps I get a negative number on the red (+) wire and positive reading on the negative (-) wire. Should the red show a positive reading if I am charging the battery or are my readings correct when charging?
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    24v 280AH Battery Bank Mounting

    I am building a 24v 280AH battery bank that will be installed in a van conversion. The bank will consist of 8 cells and 1 24v Overkill BMS. For the ease of installation and possible removal, is there a problem with building two 12v banks and then connecting those banks with short 2/0 wires and...