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    Attaching ring lugs to thermistors

    I'm thinking of having my BMS thermistors connected to the copper bus bars via ring terminals. The provided thermistors are just bare thermistors. Does anyone have experience with getting these into ring terminals securely while maintaining thermal conductivity but preventing electrical...
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    Newpowa 210w 24v panels

    Uhm, these are outperforming their specs quite nicely! (y)
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    Cell terminal bolt torque - you might be wrong!

    I wanted to launch a new thread because the current thinking is buried in other threads after previous values were determined to be incorrect. TL;DR - use 4Nm max to torque your M6 bolts (or the nuts on your studs). Explanation Many of us were all mislead by the spec sheet of the EVE cells...
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    36 EVE 280 cells capacity tested

    I just completed testing 36 EVE 280AH cells purchased in the Group Buy thread. Tester: Wire gauge increased to 10. Connected to cell via lugs (in other words - a high quality connection, not the alligator clip method). Amperage: 15 Temperature...
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    REC BMS purchasing avenue in the US?

    The method listed for buying in the US on their website is to send an email to I've emailed them twice in the last month, and never heard back. I've checked my spam folder. What are others doing for US deliveries? I see *maybe* but...
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    Timer relay delay for 48v system

    I'm having a hard time finding solutions that can handle 48v control and 48v switching that would allow me to create a pre-charge circuit for my 48v bank. The Orion BMS would act as a trigger (max 175ma but I want to stay well under that) which would enable a small relay with a resistor and in...
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    EVE280 high C rates anyone?

    Is anyone charging or discharging their 280Ah EVE cells at or above 0.5C and observing 280Ah? I'm having a bear of a problem getting more than 250-260 out of some of them and I'm wondering if it's because I've been pushing 120 amps in and 220 amps out on occasion. Out of 36 cells, I've tested...
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    Charge a Tesla Model 3 from a DIY bank?

    Sure! Why not? Makes for a great load test. 😂
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    What would a difference in bus bar resistance do?

    I just did a capacity test on my 16s 280ah bank and cell 9 hit low well before the others (robbing me of about 28ah of capacity). I don't know if cell 9 is bad or, perhaps, it's because cell 9 is on the other side of my rectangular layout with a MUCH larger copper bus bar coming from cell 8...
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    Verifying good hex crump

    I wanted to ask if anyone has tips on verifying a good cold-weld hyrdaulic hex-crimp. I'm worried that the hacksaw method I used is making it look better than it was. My first attempt at a 3/0 cable with a 3/0 lug and a 3/0 die: OK, die is too small. So I went up 1/2 a size to 3/0+ which...
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    Cinergi's 28 kWh / 4 kW Solar / 10 kW inverter RV build

    Background I'm having a new 5th wheel built and as part of that process, I'm designing and building the battery, inverter, and solar. I want to run as near as possible to 100% on solar for everything including A/C while boondocking (my new favorite activity). I live full-time in the RV (have...
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    Chargery Amperage wild fluctuation

    I just received a BMS-16T with a 600A shunt and 300A DCC. I have everything working well EXCEPT that during discharge (of a new 4s 12v 100Ah LiFEPO4 battery using a cheap modified sine inverter), the amperage readout on the chargery fluctutates wildly despite all my other measurements (DC and...
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    New Chargery DCC (DC Contactor)

    I just received 2 Chargery 16 600's with 300A DCC ... I'm shocked, because I ordered it late LAST WEEK (directly from Jason @Chargery) and it just arrived! There's some discussion here around the terminal posts for the DCC so I'll post a bunch of pictures for ya.. Review will be forthcoming...
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    A late 'hello'

    I full-time in an RV and am in the process of buying a new one, on which I'll put together a big system (4+ kW solar, 28kWh, 10kW split-phase inverters) that I'm designing and slowly putting together. I've learned a ton from Will's channel and from here. I hope I can repay the favor (I run a...
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    Large RV system diagram check

    Hi all! I live full time in an RV and like boondocking, except for running the on-board generator 5 hours a day to recover my AGMs. I have a new 5th wheel being built for various reasons ... so I'm taking the opportunity to "do it right" with this one. It's a custom-built unit, so I'm making...