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    Cerbo gx relay wiring

    Hi everyone. Does anyone have a cerbo gx that uses the stop start generator relay? The relay things on the cerbo don’t even seem to have a screw on them. Never wired a relay and these ones look extra special. If anyone has any pictures of this and can give me advice on how to wire the thing and...
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    Panels have oily marks all over them.

    hi everyone. Looks like I have made a big mistake: I put my solar panels up and when I did, I covered them in black plastic because the manual said not to connect or disconnect under load. The plastic had left oils marks on the panels. Looks awful. I have washed them off with just water and...
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    Earthing of panels

    Hi guys. Needing more help. I have 20 solar panels and they are on a metal roof connected to short metal rails. Can I not just earth the metal roof or one of the one foot metal rails that is screwed to the metal roof? or should I earth every panel? I have a 5ft grounding rod in the ground right...
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    Power in

    Would anyone know or think it ok to use a lynx power in as a combiner for solar strings? It’s just thick copper bar and had no circuit board so the 60v as stated on other lynx distributors shouldn’t count on the power in. I can’t find a descent combiner box in the uk.
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    Strings from pv array.

    Hi everyone. I have 8 strings from my pv array and I need to get them down to just one positive and one negative. I have dc isolators for them to go through and they are fused before they get to this. But when they come out trying to find something with a large enough amperage and voltage in the...
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    48v isolation switches stopping 58v pylontech batteries?

    Hi everyone. I bought pylontech batteries and along side them I wanted to be able to isolate them. (Extra safety) because they can be turned off. They say you have to isolate the negative and positive. Now is that because 48v isolation switch isn’t enough on a 58v battery and it somehow works if...
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    48v 400amp ANL fuse holder?

    Hi everyone. I can get 48v 400amp ANL fuse but can’t find a holder that is for a 48v system. I can get a class t fuse rated the same but not the holder. What the heck! Some don’t state what dc volts they carry. Any help much appreciated. Fraser
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    Fuse problems. With 48 v lynx distributor

    Hi everyone. Really wishing I hadn’t bought lynx distributors my 48 v system. I just can’t find 400 amp mega fuse. Can I use ANL fuses in the distributor.?
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    Low amp 48v fuses?

    Hi everyone. I thought it was too good to be true I found a place that sold 48v mega fuses. Or did I....... So found a place online called altecautomotive. Their web site stated that they are 32vac and 80vdc. So I thought great! I sent the guy a message to make sure that was correct, and he said...
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    48 v 40 amp mega fuse?

    hi everyone. I’m stuck. I can’t find any fuses with small enough amperage to work with my victron 150/35 mppt and the lynx distributor. The wire size I’m using was 10mm going out. I thought a 40 or 45 mega fuse would do. Can’t get one for 48v system.......So I’m looking to use the max wire that...
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    48 v 40 amp mega fuse?

    Hi everyone. Do 48v 40 amp mega fuses exist? I have a victron power in, I would like it to go in with other larger amp mega fuses. Any help appreciated. Fraser
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    Pylontech us3000c isolation switches?

    Hi everyone. I’m getting pylontech batteries and some places have said if you decide to have isolation switch you have to do positive and negative wires. They do say you don’t have to because you can turn the pylons off. I wanted extra safety. But why negative as well?
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    Wire sizing for the in going wires from pv to the mppt.

    Hi everyone. I have another wire sizing question. I have an mppt victron 250/100, the in going wire size I thought would be 16mm2/ 6 AWG but is that the case given the voltage 183 volts going in along with just over 40 amps. I have heard thinner wires for more voltage but better insulation. Will...
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    What size wire for the mppt to distributor?

    Hi everyone. Needing some help understanding wire sizing. I have a victron 250/100 MPPT and was thinking since it puts out 100 amps I would need a cable capable of taking at least 100 amps. I think that’s a 2 Awg. Is my thinking right? Many thanks in advance. Fraser
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    Is that all.......

    Hi everyone. I’m in need of help. I am trying to set up a 48v system. I am looking to get 12 12v 100ah lithium batteries. My question is. Can I really only get 300ah out of this set up? If so is that all I would need to run a home. I have heard about the efficiency of having 48v over 24v. Is it...