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    Aptos Solar Tech. Anybody with knowledge?

    Found a deal for Aptos 400 watt DNA-144 local but a quick search here produced zero results. $250 a panel seems like a good price. Anyone have info on these? Thanks.
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    500 Watt Solar panels in the US?

    Hoping to locate 500 Watt Panels in the US. If not, looking for the best 400 Watt Panels. Does anybody have a lead for these? Thanks.
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    Which panels should I buy?

    I'm going to fabricate an aluminum tilting rack for my MH. Due to certain aesthetic aspects, and space, I'd like to keep it in a specific measuring area. What I have to work with is 51"(4'3") X 96"(8') give or take only a few inches. Would like to have the best panels I can buy. Ones that...