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    Order of Disconnect

    I need to shut down my system for a few minutes to make some adjustments and am wondering what's the best order for disconnecting the system from the charge controller? I'm assuming: Turn off inverter Disconnect the tray cables from the battery Disconnect PV cables from charge controller...
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    Monitoring Renogy Charge Controller over Serial Port Broken!

    Checked and double checked everything. 5.6V from TX->RX and TX->GRND. But still seeing a different error now: At this point the RJ-11 cable is plugged directly into the GPIO. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
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    Monitoring Renogy Charge Controller over Serial Port Broken!

    Thanks for replying. These are all really good suggestions. I have reconnected the bluetooth module and it communicates with the Rover without problems, so I'm fairly certain the serial port on the Rover is fine. It just has to be something in the chain of cables/adapters. I'm going to try...
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    Monitoring Renogy Charge Controller over Serial Port Broken!

    Hello! I recently set up a system with 4x100W panels into a Renogy Rover 40A charge controller. Coupled with a 200Ah battery and 1000W inverter. The whole system works great. The kit I purchased included the Renogy BT-1 bluetooth module for monitoring through their apps. But I wasn't happy...
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    Renogy Devices and Raspberry Pi - bluetooth/WiFi

    I haven't seen anything that scrapes the bluetooth. And depending on their implementation, it might be hard to get a 3rd party app to connect to it due to security considerations. I thought about the same thing and I'm a software engineer by trade, but I don't know anything about bluetooth and...
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    Renogy 1000W Inverter Serial Port?

    My Renogy 1000W inverter has an RJ-11 port for a remote on/off switch. The port looks very similar to the data port on the Renogy Charge Controller, which I was using to connect to a Raspberry Pi and run Solar Shed. I'm curious to know if anyone has discovered whether the RJ-11 on the 1000W...
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    Renogy Devices and Raspberry Pi - bluetooth/WiFi

    I was using this setup to connect to my Renogy Rover charge controller. It's a bit of work to get Prometheus and Grafana installed, but not too difficult, really. Brian's documentation is a little sparse in areas, but I wanted to put together a cheat sheet of all the installation steps...
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    Off-grid Solar / Battery monitoring and control freeware

    I'm going to go out on a limb here because I'm pretty desperate. I had a similar setup with a different "SolarShed" (corbinbs/solarshed), connected to a Renogy Rover charge controller. Everything was feeding nicely into Prometheus and I had a sweet dashboard setup in Grafana. I was connecting...