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    A crude test of Bluetti/ Poweroak DC050S and watts achieved.

    Interesting. In my tests I got about 115 watts from a 12 volt “car” port (actually a Bluetti EB55 output) through the charging enhancer into a Bluetti EB240. I was getting around 95 watts out of a slightly depleted 12 volt lead acid battery into the EB240 through the enhancer. The battery was...
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    Eb150 wont solar charge e017

    Have you been able to confirm through other testing that the solar panel itself is not faulty?
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    Amazon scam

    Bait and switch, *maybe*. Poor service, probably. Scam, no. (A true scam intends to defraud, and would never offer to cancel for a refund.) Sadly this is becoming more common as the supply chain becomes a big, hot mess.
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    Klein Tools Power units and Bluetti EB200?

    It's not all that unusual for some manufacturers to contract with other companies to rebrand the same manufactured goods under another label. As far as other things go, the AC200P can be had on Amazon for $1599 where this unit is $1799, so unless you're willing to pay $200 more for red, why not...
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    Klein Tools Power units and Bluetti EB200?

    It looks like the EB200 I see is marketed by an outfit called MillerTech and is manufactured by PowerOak/Bluetti and licensed to be sold under the MillerTech label. Looking at the specs, it seems to be more or less identical to the AC200P.
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    Goal Zero 6000 x

    Frankly, unless I lived practically in the tropics, I wouldn’t want to exceed 40-42 VOC with this one. Maybe 45 in a place that rarely gets below freezing. Don’t mess with overvoltage.
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    "Renewed" Bluetti units from MaxOak

    I decided to bite the bullet, throw caution to the wind and take a chance on one of the refurb EB240s for $472. (Would have preferred an AC200P, but sold out.) I am a little leery about the battery, especially something that's not LFP. Unit looks brand new. Anyway, I got it today and it was...
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    MaxOak Bluetti EB150 1500 W-Hr Charging with Solar Panels

    The EB150 and EB240 have had their specs revised to allow up to 68v, not 60.
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    Need help with panel selection for EB150 from these 4 available.

    I would agree, but the AC200Ps are sold out. I suppose one could just keep checking to see when they come back in stock, but that could be a few days, it could be weeks or months, and it could be never. And not that it matters for this discussion, but the EB150 and EB240 are now rated for up...
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    Questions about Jackery 1500 and other solar units

    So we are looking at an electric power station and solar charging in the $2-3K range. The Jackery 1500 came up on our list, but I don't know about the solar charging and the connections it uses. We'd probably want a 50 foot extension between the solar panels and the unit. Does such a beast...