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    4-pin or 16-pin?

    If I build a 4P-4S battery from 26650 cells, do I need to run a lead to every single cell (16-pin) or do I just need a 4S BMS with a 4-pin (5, technically?) balance lead configuration?
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    Charging LiFePO4 Battery in cold conditions

    If you have batteries in your house, at around 70 degrees, then take them out into an unheated garage where the temperature is near freezing, can you immediately plug them into a charger and rely on the heat generated during the charging process to keep them warm? Maybe a better question to...
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    DIY Portable Power Station using 2nd life LiFePO4 batteries

    I have noticed more and more of the larger PPS units are coming out with LiFePO4 batteries, instead of NMC. Due to the increased weight many of these systems are coming with the battery in one box and the balance of the electronics in a separate box. I was wondering if anyone has built a DIY...
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    Backup system for practical daily use

    I am building a small backup power system that will keep the fridge and a few lights going for outages of no more than a few hours at a time. The initial thought is a 24v, 100AH, LiFePO4 battery, with a 2724 MPP inverter/charger and about 400w worth of solar panels. I already have the...
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    What BMS do I need for a 4S 7P 12v battery?

    I have purchased used scooter batteries from Jag35. I bought them for a different project I'm working on but when they arrived and I saw how they were configured, I realized that I could make a small portable power station with these pretty easily. They are arranged in a column of 5 packs...
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    I made big sparks! :O

    So, I have my 60280 cells configured in an 8S, 24v arrangement. Long story short...I created a short...for a short period of time. It arced quite spectacularly, but I quickly broke the connection. I tested the individual cell voltages (3.3v) and the full pack voltage (26.4) and both were...
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    3P charging

    I have placed three 18650 cells into a plastic housing that creates a 3P pack, with roughly 7800mah worth of capacity. I have connected a male 5.5x21 jack to this pack, to power a ~3.5v motor. I bought a 110v power supply for Lithium batteries (4.2v output) with a female 5.5x21 end on it, so...
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    Frabill Minnow Bucket - 3V input

    I have a Frabill insulated minnow bucket (cooler, really). It has a small electric pump that oxygenates the water in the insulated cooler that the minnows swim around in. I have attached a picture, below. This pump can be powered by 2 D-cell batteries, which provide 3V and a total of around...
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    Quick disconnect between two 12v batteries in series

    Forgive me if this has already been asked and my Search skills just weren't able to locate it. I have two 100AH LiFePO4 batteries, connected in series for 24v. To do this, I have a 15" length of fairly heavy wire (6 or 8 AWG) running from the positive terminal on one battery to the negative...