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    for avanced tec(Is it possible to adjust the loads in a secondary panel?)

    what do you think about it! ( first is the normal use , seconds pic, ???) the objective is balance too, when the inverter are delivery energy and are on grid!
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    How do they connect in the USA grid a digital phase shifter ? If it is a 240V supply l1 to l2 and is it split phase? ......
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    Could you adjust load using a transformer with 240V USA standard to 120V? Check below.

    I suppose you have a 240v inverter where each leg gives 120v 4Kw, total 8Kw, but you have a device that occasionally consumes 6Kw, if we put this to the device, we would never have a stop due to over current! Who knows where we could find this transformer? if it exists! of course thinking on 8Kw...
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    is it possible? adjust volt with transformers

    .. because 220v inverter are more common on the market, versus US format!... and toroidal transformer, aren't expensive ! ( I know we will have some lost of power... )