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  1. wlai

    Open Barrel vs Close Barrel Crimp Terminals

    Hi: I'm trying to buy the right tools and connectors for building solar PV system. Going to start with a system for my boat, and then work my way up to a home system. I've tried the Closed Barrel terminal when I was building a cable for my car, but it required borrowing a hydraulic crimper from...
  2. wlai

    24v Panel --> 12/24v PWM Controller --> 12v battery??

    Is the above arrangement workable? I can get really inexpensive 24v panels, and was going to grab a cheap 12/24v PWM inverter ($15 eBay specials) and hook it up to a single 12v AGM. It's for a small sailboat that doesn't have any electronics other than a few cabin lights, nav lights, and a...