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  1. Barbar0ssa

    How do You Test Inverter Output with a Multi-meter?

    How do you test that an inverter is outputting properly with a multi-meter? I finally got my Xindun Power LSM-30248 up and running and am getting a ground fault indication on my car charger. Now the seller on alibaba seems to be ghosting me. This is for American Split-phase power. I have 110v...
  2. Barbar0ssa

    How do PV wires enter a conduit for roof penetration?

    I am putting 8 panels (at 2S for 8 conductors + ground) on my roof. I want to run them through about 10 ft of conduit into the garage. I have a roof-penetration flashing that can handle the 1" emt conduit, but how do I actually run the 9 wires into the conduit in a weather-tight way? I have...
  3. Barbar0ssa

    I just destroyed $500 worth of batteries by doing nothing.

    I recently purchased 16 cells for a golf cart project and decided to switch from one BMS to 2 in series. I disconnected one batch of 8 and brought them inside they are perfect. The batch I left in the garage are completely discharged and destroyed. They had balance leads and 1ft wires but...
  4. Barbar0ssa

    3.3 KW off Grid System

    This will be my build thread for my off-grid 48v system on my garage roof for backup and charging my electric car. My roof area is about 25'x 25' which should fit 8 72-cell panels nicely. I planned the racking with Unirac Ubuilder. I purchased my 3kw all-in-one (xindun LSM-30248) before I had...
  5. Barbar0ssa

    Any Experience with Foshan SNAT SNADI NKM Low Frequency All In Ones?

    NKM-6KW I was looking at a sigineer 3kw and an epever 40a when I came across this option for a low frequency all in one at a price that seems too good to be true (3kw for $720 total and 6kw for $1,055 total) but I can't find any discussion of this model. I have attached the manual and it looks...
  6. Barbar0ssa

    Charging 48v from 12v

    I am planning on putting 500 or 600w of solar on a shipping container with an Mpp Solar 1012LV-M and 4 Coslight 150ah lifepo4 cells. I am also converting a 36v golf cart to 48v (16 of the same cells) and will be parking in the container. The obvious way to charge it is an ac-dc charger mounted...
  7. Barbar0ssa

    Dc buck converter fried already?

    I picked up a 24v 30a dc-dc buck converter to drive a pond aerator (100w) off of a solar panel and inverter without batteries. The solar panel had 22.1v the buck converter showed regulated 12.2 out. I plugged it into the inverter which beeped, saying it turned on and then nothing. There was no...
  8. Barbar0ssa

    Golf Cart Repower: 2 x 24v in Series vs 48v with Spaghetti Bms Leads?

    I just picked up a 36v golf cart that I want to convert to 48v and maybe turn into a mobile battery bank for a home system. The battery compartment is rather partitioned as you can see in the photo. The two long sections are each about 8" X 20" which is a very inconvenient size for the cells I...
  9. Barbar0ssa

    Threads vs Posts on Alibaba LifePo4 cells

    I am noticing on Alibaba that similar cells are offered with either threads or 1 cm posts. Threads allow you to bring your own screws for any length but I've heard that people are stripping them out. Are posts more resilient? Is 1 cm long enough? Am I overthinking this and it really doesn't matter?