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    Crimp connectors

    I've used a ton of the Selterm from Amazon, available in all wire sizes and lug sizes, even offer "oversize" lugs in some sizes for larger contact area. I've been completely happy with them, and reasonable priced in moderate quantity. I use a hydraulic crimper with them, makes great crimps.
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    Has anyone heard of MKEPA batteries? Too good to be true?

    Actually the casino is a much better bet. Most folks don't realize the house margin in a legit casino only runs about 2 percent, it's the massive amount of money they take 2 percent of that's the secret to success. Aliexpress you have maybe 1 chance in 50 of a good outcome these days unless...
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    Form versus function

    If it were me I'd put one of my seedling heat mats under the battery. They put out about 15 watts of mild, diffuse heat so they use hardly any power and would keep the battery nice and comfortable. Then put the battery as close as possible to the inverter. The mats are about $15-20 anywhere...
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    Looking for a reliable life battery supplier. Trying to get 48 volts at 1000ah. Have around 7000 dollars.

    I just built out 24v at 1800 amp hours, so comparable to 48v/900 amp hours, and it was about $8500 using quality components, so your budget is a little low at the moment. Prices are going up, like everything else, so either adjust your budget or your capacity. There are a couple of good...
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    Mixing Lifep04 and Li-Ion

    I believe Steve_S has a lead/acid and a lithium he switches bck and forth, not used at the same time. Not sure how he handles the different charging parameters, you might want to message him.
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    Any recommendation for buying Solar Panels in US.

    I bought 24 370 watt panels last month, shipping was $350 from Texas to Oregon. $2k is absurd.
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    What size inverter do I need.........

    My experience has been that you need either a more modest sized low frequency inverter or a much larger high frequency inverter. The low frequency units tend to have a much larger surge capacity (speaking in broad generalities, check the specifications). My 2.2 kw Samlex EVO runs my 2...
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    Are my solar panels EOL

    A DC clamp ammeter is what you need. I have 40 panels, after installing them I checked them and found 2 that weren't producing, turned out to be due to bad MC4 connections which were easily fixed. Quick and easy to diagnose. You can get one for about $30 these days, just be careful it reads...
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    10.6KW bifacial off grid ground array powering multiple locations 500 feet away

    If you're really in Alaska I suspect you're being awfully optimistic in your minimum output predictions. It looks like you're putting up about 12 kw of panels. Right now, here in Oregon, for the last two weeks I've been seeing 2-3 kWh per day of production from my 10 kw of panels, with a...
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    Cheap Source LittleFuse Class T Fast Acting Fuse

    If you can use 100 amp fuses, I found a deal on the big A for a 5 pack for $60. For some reason the 100's were half the price of the larger ones and only the 100's were available in the 5-pack. Since I'm running several batteries in parallel they work for me for the individual batteries.
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    Main Circuit Panel vs Sub Panel

    My inverter has big letters in the manual that say "NEVER allow AC on the output of the inverter", it will fry the inverter if you hook the output to the grid line.a. You can't connect the output to the the main grid line, you need a transfer switch to change the circuits over from the grid to...
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    That works out to about 100 watts for 24 hours. 100 watts isn't much. It will run an efficient...

    That works out to about 100 watts for 24 hours. 100 watts isn't much. It will run an efficient 12v fridge, some LED lights, radio, energy efficient laptop, cell phone, etc., TV? need to know power draw.
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    List each item you NEED, then calculate how many watts it uses and how many hours. If you put 4...

    List each item you NEED, then calculate how many watts it uses and how many hours. If you put 4 of those panels on your van that's 880 watts in theory, maybe 500 in reality, so you might get 2-2.5 kWh per day of generation on average.
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    You need to do a lot more reading to figure out what you're doing. First, really calculate your...

    You need to do a lot more reading to figure out what you're doing. First, really calculate your energy needs/wants, then look at what you can produce. A van roof is not going to support an air conditioner or other heavy loads. That huge inverter you show, the 5KW, is going to use at least...
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    Battery Rec needed- Go local? Buy online?

    Or you can build a 15 kWh battery with first class components in a few hours for about $2600.
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    Basic Question about Expected Daily Production Rate

    Solar Irradiance Calculator Here you go. Go to the site, put iin your location, and it will show. you expected capture by month, considering local weather history. Down to 1.3 kw per day per kw of panels in winter, up to 5-6 in the summer. It varies so much month to month you really need to...
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    12v Enjoybot LiFePo and GroWatt AIO Inverter. Please Review and Advise

    The only concern is that high voltage DC is dangerous as heck. I've worked with HV all my life, been hit with 6KV before, woke up across the room with the smell of barbacue in the air...I run my panels at 100-110 volts, anything much higher than that personally I start getting nervous. I know...
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    Any WIFI battery voltage monitors? -- NOT BLUETOOTH

    Probably not just what you're looking for, but I use Midnite Classic charge controlers with their Whizbang Jr. monitor, the Classics connect via a wireless bridge from my shop to the house, about 200', and I can monitor them on my local network.
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    Does an MPPT solar controller, turn excess voltage into Current/Amps?

    Instead of volts/amps, think in terms of power, it's pretty straightforward. If your controller is getting 100 volts at 5 amps from the panels, that's 500 watts of power. It converts those 500 watts into 12.5 volts at 40 amps. (for example), still 500 watts of power, but in a different form.
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    Future of DIY LiFePO4 looks bleak…

    Mark Twain said "professionals only gather together to scheme against the masses." Regulation is always good for the big players, they write it.
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    Signature Solar and shipping damage, are you a victim too?

    Just bought 24 REC 370 watt panels from Santan. The package was perfect when delivered, took a week to unload due to weather and when I got to the bottom panel it was smashed. No damage visible from the outside of the. stack, must have gotten something under it. I emailed a pic to Santan and...
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    DIY questions! - 100+v system to run heating and general appliance in Denmark 10k kwh yearly.

    I would just say you probably can't plan based on annual use, given your location in Denmark, you need to think about a week of use in December and January. Here in Oregon I think our climate is pretty similar to Denmark, and you are even further north than us at 45 north. For the last month...
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    BATTERY SELLERS - THE GOOD, BAD, UGLY -- or Jenny (DONCAN) so far so good ...

    I remember in the old days of expensive long distance calls a Texan friend's wife wouldn't let him talk on the phone because it cost too much, it comes with the Texan territory.
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    BATTERY SELLERS - THE GOOD, BAD, UGLY -- or Jenny (DONCAN) so far so good ...

    Just watched Ray's video, really appreciated the straight talk. Another happy Docan customer here, three purchases last three months, all great experiences. Nice to see a company really exploding by exploiting the niche of "honest and good customer service", who would have thought it?
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    Future of DIY LiFePO4 looks bleak…

    So which battery company are you with?
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    Should I get a lifepo4 battery charger?

    It depends on why you have the solar power. If it's just for fun, then you don't need a charger. If it's to power essential loads, then yes, you do. The good news is that unlike lead/acid the lithium batteries don't care if they're kept at a relatively low state of charge for extended...
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    DC-to-DC converter and MPPT efficiency

    My charge controller offers efficiency curves that say it's 1 or 2 percent more efficient with slightly lower voltages, say. 80 volts versus 120 volts input, but no big difference to worry about.
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    Please help with battery powered lights.

    It's not that no one wants to help, there's just not enough info to know where to start. Your question is along the lines of "my car isn't working, what's wrong?" How many lights are you running, how much power do they draw, those are the first questions you need to answer. As always, the...
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    12v Enjoybot LiFePo and GroWatt AIO Inverter. Please Review and Advise

    I've got the same panels, a string of 3 is giving me about 105 volts, or 35 volts each. A string of 4 would be 140 volts, which is too close to your limit of 145 for my comfort. I think you're overestimating the voltage drop. Edit, checked my logs, hit 111 volts last week with some sunshine...
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    Battery bank replacement: drop-in LiFePo vs diy

    Honestly, by far the hardest part of assembling a DIY until recently was finding quality cells at affordable prices. I put off going with lithium for a couple of years because I wasn't willing to send 1,000's of dollars to an overseas seller with no real recourse if I got junk or nothing, which...
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    Battery bank replacement: drop-in LiFePo vs diy

    I've had 20 kWh of L16's for a while and wanted more storage, so this year I added 45 kWh of lithium batteries, DIY style. I've really enjoyed the new battery, for a couple of reasons that aren't spoken of often enough I thought I'd mention. The first is charging speed. The lead acid cells...
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    Price per watt hour-diy versus 48V rack battery

    I've built 3 fairly large batteries recently, each have 16 cells of EVE 304 ah cells, making 24 volts at 600 amp hours (approximaely), or about 15 kWh each. The cost for each was about $2400 for the cells and $120 for the BMS, a little over $2500 each. The EG4 is about $1500 for about 5 kWh, 3...
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    solar panel efficiency and comparing panels?

    Sorry, that's completely wrong. Efficiency has zero impact on how much power your panels are going to produce. As has been said over and over here, a 300 watt panel is a 300 watt panel, whether it's 1 per cent efficient or 100 per cent efficient. The only difference is the size of the panel...
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    Battery pickup testing-due diligence

    All I can add is I've bought 48 cells from the same vendor in the last few months, in 3 separate orders, and all have been essentially perfect. They arrived in great condition, and after being assembled into batteries the voltages stay within 3-5 millivolts of each other across the charge band...
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    Our NEW GO-TO LiFePO4 vendor...09.20.21

    My 16 of the 280K cells just shipped from Houston yesterday, ordered about 5 weeks ago, so I imagine yours will ship right after the holiday.