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  1. 100 Proof

    Battery heater questions

    I've just added 28 Watts worth of heaters to the bottom of my cells. I'm trying to figure out how to complete the configuration and I have a few questions. For those who have added heaters to your battery banks inside of insulated enclosures, where did you put your temperature probes? Did you...
  2. 100 Proof

    Is my BMS bent?

    On June 6th I ordered an Overkill 120A 4s BMS. I did not put it into service until about 3 weeks ago. (Took FOREVER for those cells to arrive don’tchano!) It has been working perfectly until Sunday morning. When I went to bed Saturday night, all was good with the world. Sunday morning, it was...
  3. 100 Proof

    Costco's Lion Energy batteries are back again- $1,399 for a 2 pack

    These Costco batteries are back till September 10, 2021.
  4. 100 Proof

    Tail current charge table

    Does anyone know of a reference chart or graph or table or equation that shows tail current in % C to indicate full charge at different bank charging voltages? What would the tail current in %C be to get to 90% at various bank voltages? For example, for a 12V bank I understand that .05C at 14.6V...
  5. 100 Proof

    Using Equalize Function to Periodically “Full Charge”

    I have a Morningstar Tristar-MPPT-45 solar charge controller that allows a user to set a DIP switch to only allow equalization by manually holding a button for 5 seconds. The equalization function itself is programmable for both voltage and duration. Much like the normal bulk/absorption...
  6. 100 Proof

    Large cells OK in non-stationary uses?

    Hi All, Forum FNG here. This is my first post. I’ve been successfully using solar on my TT for many years. I mainly dry camp, sometimes for up to 2 weeks. I have a degree in engineering, know my way around electricity, and used to work for a domestic solar panel manufacturer. I’m just now...