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  1. iamrich

    Solar for a new house

    Been playing around with ideas for my (soon to be built?) house. I think I am close on the plan, but the components are still up in the air. Not sure if I can get Growatt grid tie approved with my provider. Any comments welcome. The main grid tied panel will be non-essentials, and the two sub...
  2. iamrich

    Resource for average power consumption for common household items?

    I did a search and didn't find much. Does anyone have a good resource for power consumption of items like electric stoves, heaters, heat pumps, etc.? I have all natural gas items right now, so I can't just throw a watt meter on them. Trying to fill out a theoretical energy audit for my next...
  3. iamrich

    BYD 24v battery packs

    I know these are long gone for the most part, but if you happen to have some and are still looking for a solution to the terminals, here is what I did. I got this idea directly from this video, I just took it a little bit further. I started out by striping the heatsinks off the top and...
  4. iamrich

    Combiner box?

    Just starting out with solar and have so many questions. I have been reading as much as I can and looking for similar setups to emulate, but coming up short on a few questions. I am building a small setup to power my garage off grid with x9 250w panels on the roof feeding a 24V Hybrid LV2424...