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  1. HRTKD

    Custom Bus Bars From Copper Flat Bar

    The first iteration of my system used all 2/0 cabling between the big components such as between the battery and the shunt and fuse. I'm in the process of rearranging my system to make way for an inverter/charger upgrade. In doing so, I decided to ditch the 2/0 cable where I could and use...
  2. HRTKD

    You're Going To Hell!

  3. HRTKD

    altE 2022 Virtual Solar Conference

    Signup for the altE 2022 Virtual Solar Conference can be found at the link below. I attended a few sessions last year and it was educational for me. The cost is FREE!
  4. HRTKD

    10% Off Victron At Solar Supply House

    Not just Victron. Use coupon code "YearEnd" for 10% off.
  5. HRTKD

    BMS Behavior in Parallel Battery Configuration

    +A = B = C- The above battery wiring configuration is what we often see for lead acid batteries. It's simple, but not optimal. For a LiFePO4 battery, it's my theory that this is a bad configuration that could lead to undercharging. If the BMS in battery A detects that the voltage has reached...
  6. HRTKD

    Connecting Bus Bars

    While researching another topic, I came across this webpage that covers how to connect bus bars. The key detail I took from the article is that the surface contact between two connecting bus bars needs to be five times the cross section of the bus bar...
  7. HRTKD

    Tinned or Bare Copper Bus Bar Material?

    I'm rearranging the components in my system and replacing a couple components. The four stud bus bars are being replaced with eight stud bus bars with much higher amperage capacity. A new PSW inverter/charger is going in to replace the separate MSW inverter and the AC-DC converter. Many of...
  8. HRTKD

    Wiring Multiplus 12/3000 (Check My Math)

    I have a Victron Multiplus 12/3000 on order that will be installed in my RV trailer that already has Victron MPPT controllers and a BMV-712. The Multiplus specification says it's 93% efficient, so I'm using 1.07 in my calculations. I'm conservatively using 12 volts in my calculations even...
  9. HRTKD

    Integrate Multiplus & Cerbo GX With Existing Victron Devices

    My plan is to upgrade my existing 1000 watt Xantrex MSW inverter to the Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120 (2400 watts). I already have the Victron BMV-712 (with display) and two Victron MPPT 100/50 solar charge controllers installed. If I add the Cerbo GX and the GX Touch 50, how does that...
  10. HRTKD

    Mini-split Coolant Line Question

    Not sure where to post this as it's about mini-splits in general. It doesn't matter what you mount it to (RV, building, etc). How flexible are the coolant lines between the inside and outside units of the mini-split? The reason I'm asking is that I'm getting ready to rebuild the entire front...
  11. HRTKD

    Small Ah BMS?

    I'm considering building a 20 Ah 8s 24v battery. This is for an electric lawnmower. Space is very limited in the battery box. Should I get the Overkill Solar/JBD 8s BMS or is there another BMS that is closer to the 20Ah rating of the battery that I should use instead? The Overkill Solar BMS...
  12. HRTKD

    Used Is No Bargain

    Think the price of new equipment is bad? Used is just as bad. I'm looking for a remote control panel for an older Xantrex inverter. Xantrex discontinued the inverter some time ago and inventory of the remote control panel dried up over the past few months. It was suggested that I try the...
  13. HRTKD

    Howdy from rainy AZ!

    Howdy from rainy Arizona. New tires were put on my truck this morning in Las Vegas. Discount Tire put on Goodyear Wrangler Adventurers (same as the OEM tire I had from the factory), replacing the Michelin LTX. It's a very different ride now. The truck behaves well and isn't all over the road...
  14. HRTKD

    High Inrush Fuses Unfortunately, the fuses are only rated up to 50 amps.
  15. HRTKD

    BMS Musings...

    Is it just me or have there been a ton of problems with Daly BMS lately? Problems with Electrodacus: Zero. But maybe the issues are being posted elsewhere? Problems with Overkill Solar BMS: Minimal. I separate out the OKS BMS from the JBD BMS because OKS carries a subset of what is available...
  16. HRTKD

    Victron Energy Carries Bus Bars!

    Victron now carries bus bars. There aren't many retailers with them yet. The one I did find indicates that these are not going to be cheap bus bars. $166 for the 8 stud 600 amp bus bar. This seems to be on par with the Blue Sea bus bars...
  17. HRTKD

    Code of Conduct Addition?

    While it's not in the official Code of Conduct, the issue of posting IN ALL CAPS is flaring up in a current thread. In forums, it's often an unwritten rule that you simply don't post in all caps. My dad does it all the time in email and even he can't explain why he does it. The current Code...
  18. HRTKD

    Ford Truck Tow/Camper Vehicles

    I know there are a few forum members that have said they drive a Ford truck to pull an RV trailer or to haul a slide-in camper. Here's your chance to check in and post a picture.
  19. HRTKD

    Review: Dewalt 20v Heat Gun

    A few days ago I used my new Dewalt cordless heat gun. When I did my solar/battery install last fall in the RV trailer, the heat shrink tubing for the 2/0 cable was on backorder. This cleans up that install and puts it to bed. For those of us with an RV, we can't always work on them at home or...
  20. HRTKD

    Effective Two-Pole Breaker Rating?

    I have a two-pole breaker that is rated for 20 amps on each breaker. At the outlet, is that a 40 amp circuit? Or is it a 20 amp circuit? This question is not related to PV. It's for an outlet in my garage. No PV/battery/inverter in my house.
  21. HRTKD

    Thread Management Pet Peeve

    First of all, this is not a complaint in relation to anything going on here. It's more of a future concern since we don't have threads old enough to be considered "old" or at the very least ancient history. A forums that closes threads that are older than X number of months, does, in my...
  22. HRTKD

    Source For Project Metal?

    I'm looking for a new source for project metal, specifically aluminum. I was using but their metal prices are high and their shipping is very uncompetitive. For one project I had to verify the shipping price with a customer service representative. It was so high I thought it...
  23. HRTKD

    Alt-e Virtual Solar Conference

    Anybody else "attending" the conference? It starts this morning. I'm listening in on just a few sessions. Link for more info:
  24. HRTKD

    Conversation != PM?

    Is it possible to send Private Messages in the forum? I see Conversations, but those appear to be public. Most forums I'm on have PM capability. Am I just not seeing that?
  25. HRTKD

    IOTA Engineering IQ4 LiFePO4 Module Discussion

    There have been concerns posted on the forum about the charge profile used by the IOTA Engineering IQ4 LiFePO4 module. This is a plug-in module used in their DLS series converters that come in different amp ratings as well as different volt ratings. I sent questions to their Tech Support group...
  26. HRTKD

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Within the context of this forum, I sure am thankful for all the helpful advice that was given to me this year as I went through the electrical/battery/solar upgrade in my RV trailer. I couldn't have done it without that help. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
  27. HRTKD

    Circuit Breaker Instead Of 12v Switch?

    I need to put in a couple 12v switches close to my batteries. My component compartment is starting to get crowded, it's getting untidy. I was looking at surface mount switches, something I can attach to the plywood on the wall. The selection is a bit limited. Maybe I'm not looking using the...
  28. HRTKD

    Gravatar Not Working

    I noticed that in the past couple of days my avatar, which is sourced from Gravatar, is not displaying. I logged into my Gravatar account and it's active and has the correct image. Any idea what's going on?
  29. HRTKD

    Automotive Battery Smart Charger Current Draw?

    I have a CTEK MUS 4.3 automotive smart charger that I would like to use to keep the batteries on my UTV (2013 Polaris Ranger) charged. The two batteries are 28 Ah, 330 CCA, Odyssey PC925. I'm thinking I have enough juice in my LiFePO4 battery bank (560 Ah) and enough solar (640 watts on the...
  30. HRTKD

    LiFePO4 Battery Warmer Install

    This is my install of a custom set of battery warmers from Ultra Heat. I had contacted them through email asking about a warming profile for LiFePO4 batteries. They responded with a design to my specifications, including warming pads that fit my batteries exactly. While I initiated the...
  31. HRTKD

    Why I Solar...

    I solar because I like to camp and one of my camping events is Elk Camp. I just spent 10 days up on the mountain in northern Colorado, chasing elk, but not getting a clear enough shot to bring one home. That's not a thunderstorm. It's the smoke cloud from the forest fire south of where my Elk...
  32. HRTKD

    Out in the boonies, need LiFePO4 settings

    I'm out in the boonies in my RV and I think that my Victron components aren't setup right. The BMV-712 is thinking that 13.2 is 100% SOC. It used to be synchronized after I did the top balance, so I don't know why it's off now. The 100/50 SCC keeps resetting the "Battery preset" to user...
  33. HRTKD

    Victron BMV Power Consumption Aggregation?

    My system is still very new to me and I have yet to figure out all the fiddly bits. When my trailer is out camping, I'm either outside doing something (hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, trail riding, etc) or inside eating or sleeping. I didn't setup a solar system so I could sit there and...
  34. HRTKD

    My DIY Portable Panel Tilt Frame

    I looked around for a suitable manual tilt mechanism for a portable solar panel and didn't find anything suitable. Most of what I found was too small for my full size panels which weigh 44 lbs each, with dimensions of 66" L x 39" W x 1.5" D (1676mm x 1008mm x 40mm). Yes, these panels are far...
  35. HRTKD

    Compare Resistance/Throughput?

    I'm gearing up to make my own bus bars for between the terminals of my cells. I'm currently using the bus bars that came with the cells from Xuba. How do I determine that my new bus bars are better than the old bus bars? Is it as simple as using my multimeter to measure resistance? I'm not...