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    top balancing with one cell at a much higher SOC

    Hi All, Building a 4s 280ah pack for a friend, of the 4 cells 3 are reported by vendor as being at around 5% SOC (cell voltage around 3.2v). The other cell has been used in another demo pack and is reportedly around 30% SOC (showing approx 3.3v) Any issue with just wacking these in parallel...
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    New BMS recommendations (8s 24v, 200a+ ) Victron multiplus + cerbo

    Hi All (long time lurker, first post) I'm after a bit of sense check / some advice. I'm wanting to build an 8s 24v Lifepo4 battery for a camper conversion using 230ah eve cells. This will be connected to a 24/2400w Victron multiplus. datasheet I'm struggling to work out what is the best BMS...