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    What are the go to Solar Panels?

    First off I'm in Vermont. I'm trying to start an off grid system. I want to start with 2 panels, a Victron MPPT Controller, and then expand depending on how well it works out Thoughts on the best panels? Looking for efficiency, and obviously somewhat reasonable prices. I want to start with...
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    DIY 12V Lifepo4 Starting Battery?

    Looking to try to build a battery pack for my bass boat. I'll need about 100ah I believe total. It's an 89 40hp Evinrude. I was looking at the battleborn batteries, and they're rated to about 200a max discharge. What cells and BMS should I be looking at for this project? Most batteries are...
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    12V Lithium Cells for Boat Battery?

    Any recommendations for 12v 100ah cells? I'm looking to dual purpose these for my boat (both engine starting and trolling motor) and I would also like to use this same battery for a battery backup solution for my house, when used with a pure sine wave inverter in the winter time. That's kind...