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    Bad Lifepo cell or BMS bad

    I do have another dilemma, I now have 2 sets of 12v at 280ah, using the 120 Overkill Solar. I did the top balancing and all was okay. This operated about 2 weeks. I had not disconnected my charging alternator, and started that engine but only for about 20 sec., it's a small 65amp alt. . Since...
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    Hey to all, I am new here and looking for help! I live on a boat for the past17 yrs., in that, I've gone through a few batteries (lead-acid).

    Ok, so it's close to time in replacing my battery bank on the boat. I'm now looking at the lithium type. My system is 12 volt and having 660amp house. The boat is wired at 12 v and not willing to change. So, I'd like to get 8 200a cells or may-be go with 150a cells. for a total about 400 to...