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  1. markansas

    new heating building with solar energy

    i did not know where to post this . enjoy
  2. markansas

    what can go wrong? diy 100ah 48v pack

    please nit pic this apart for me . and catch what i did not. 4 agm batterys 100amp hour . in series for 48v.. wire is 6 gage from a golf cart. the copper plates are old copper pipe flatten.. and will add vent going outside.
  3. markansas

    GMI260-350 Series Mircroinverters love or hate

    lets be clear i liked these they are the easiest thing to add to your house.. put one on your panel and the out put 110v for this one and plug the other end into the panel box on a circuit breaker.. put my house into reverse current.. the electric company came out and was not happy . lots of...
  4. markansas

    $5000 investment good or bad ?

    so here i am in my old age and thought now is the time. 5000 bought me 30 240 watt panels a growatt 8k mvp offgrid and 6 gmi 260 watt microinverters 40 dc to 110ac and 6 sma 240 microinverters sunnyboy 40dc to 220ac.. this was kinda a mix of stuff to try.. found out several things that...