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    EG4 GYLL 24V / 48V (5KWh) in a High shock/vibration Environment ?

    Hi, I'd like to build a semi-portable battery backup system using the GYLL that was recently reviewed by Wil mounted to a dolly with a Growatt All-In-One 24/48V 3KW or equiv. I'd like the flexibility to be able to load this into my van and transport it from time to time, but the vast majority...
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    Hi All, This is my first solar system. There's about 2.4Kw of panels on top a shipping container (photo #1) . I want a Combiner Box externally mounted for quick shutdown of panels prior to the DC outputs entering into the container (photo #2). The problem is the combiner box I purchased...
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    First off grid system - Hi Voltage DC, Grounding Safety concerns - any suggestions for my setup ?

    Hi All, I'm building a PV array onto the metal roof of a 40x8 Ft Conex shipping container: 4 panels placed widthwise (445W, 49Voc, Isc=12A) 8panels placed lengthwise (200W, 20Voc, Isc=12A). The funky positioning is to navigate around the skylights and solar vents and maximize the available...